⑤Okatteya Moe Gift Shop (Rumoi)

Here you can buy “Iso-Musubi”, a rice ball with flavored herring roe and flaked preserved herring fillets. Southern-Rumoi-grown Nanatsu-boshi (Seven Stars) rice is used for “Iso-Musubi”.

Sakae-machi 3 cho-me, Rumoi
Opening hours/9:00〜18:00
Closed/December 31 – January 2, New Year’s Day


⑥Sembodai Restaurant (Rumoi)

You can eat pepperoncino pasta which is flavored with the iconic local products herring and herring roe.

680-2 Reuke cho, Rumoi
Open Hours /10:00~18:00(June-August: until 19:00)
Closed / November – Middle of April

⑦Mashike Mache (Mashike)

Delicious rice balls flavored with grilled herring are a hot item.

38 Hatanaka cho 1 Chome, Mashike
Open Hours /9:30~16:30
Closed / End of November – Beginning of April

⑧Shimakawa Restaurant (Mashike)

You can try the Nishin Oyako Soba pictured here(buckwheat noodles served with herring and roe). Standard herring soba is also available.

1-1 Inaba cho, Mashike
Open hours /11:00~21:00 (Winter: until 20:00)

⑨café de SOBA Rin (Mashike)

“Bukkake Nishin”, cold soba noodles with simmered herring in sweet soy-sauce flavoring, is served but this dish is limited in quantity. “Nishin Soba”, hot soba noodles with herring, is tasty, too.

Eijyucho 1-5, Mashike
Opening hours/11:00~18:30