A Lesson on Regional Culinary History

As is explained in the section on history, the herring industry has been a huge influence on the settlement and development of the Rumoi Area. Most recipes with herring started out as home-cooked meals. Here we introduce eateries where a variety of herring dishes can be sampled, and shops where herring products can be purchased.

①Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Obira Herring Fishermen’s Cottage, Shops and Cafeteria (Obira)

You can enjoy dishes such as Sanpei soup, Herring on Rice, Grilled Herring set meal, Herring Tempura and Rice, and Herring Ruibe set meal.

Onishikahirotomi, Obira (Next to the Former Hanada Family Fishermen’s Lodge)
Open hours/10:30~16:00(May-October),10:30~15:00(November, April),10:30〜14:30(December, March)
Closed /Monday(Open daily from the 3rd Monday of June to the 2nd Monday of August), closed in January and February

②Stand-Up-Eating Soba Noodle Shop at the JR Rumoi Station (Rumoi)

You can order a tasty lunch box featuring herring roe pickled in white soy sauce and sweet boiled herring. (You need to make a reservation for the lunch box.) You can also order a soba noodle with herring on the spot.

Funabacho 2, Rumoi
Opening hours/7:00~14:20
Closed/New Year’s Day TEL.090-7644-3774

③Tanaka Seika (Vegetables & Fruits) (Rumoi)

The pickles at Tanaka Seika (greengrocery) are made on the premises with high quality vegetables from Hokkaido and Japan. Pickles made with cherry tomatoes or potatoes are uniquely delicious!

Sakaemachi 2 chome 3-21, Rumoi

④Sushi/Kappou Maruki (Rumoi)

These restaurants serve the most delicious herring roe. You can also try other dishes such as herring and roe on rice, Rumoi maki or Yan shumai.

(Left / from the back) herring on rice, herring roe rolled rice, herring roe sushi and raw herring sushi.
(Right) Herring and roe on rice, and Yan shumai with herring.

Kaiuncho 2-135, Rumoi
Open hours/11:00~14:00, 16:30~22:00
Closed/Monday TEL.0164-42-1476