What is Kirikomi?

Kirikomi is a food native to Northeast Japan and Hokkaido. It is a preserved food made of raw fish which has been filleted and bled and drained well. The fish is then sliced into small pieces and fermented in malted rice and salt. Fish other than herring can also be made into kirikomi, for example Atka mackerel, salmon, flatfish, flounder or Japanese sandfish. As a preserved food, kirikomi was traditionally very salty. But, as refrigeration technology improved, low sodium types have become more popular. Kirikomi frozen in plastic or glass containers are widely available, but the contents should be eaten within a week upon opening the jar. Kirikomi is great eaten with white rice or also as an entree to compliment a glass of rice wine. For those who are concerned with sodium content, we recommend eating kirikomi with grated Japanese radish. Mix kirikomi in hot water to make traditional sanpei soup or rice risotto. Kirikomi is also good on cold tofu when served with minced green onions or wild ginger. It can also be used as a substitute for anchovies in pasta or pizza.

List of shops Which carry Herring Kirikomi

How about a journey to discover your favorite brand of kirikomi?
Some marine shops also sell other types of kirikome.

⑪Shigehara Shoten Co., Ltd. (Haboro)

Herring Kirikomi

⑬Okada Shoten Co.,Ltd. (Tomamae)

Herring Kirikomi

⑮Ihara Marine Products (Rumoi)

Herring Kirikomi

⑯Suzuki Marine Products (Rumoi)

Yanshu-zukuri Herring Kirikomi

⑰Hamamoto Store (Rumoi)

Herring Kirikomi

㉑Kitanihon Marine Products (Mashike)

Herring Kirikomi

㉔Endo Marine Products (Mashike)

Herring Kirikomi

㉕Hyakutomeya (Haboro)

Herring Kirikomi Honzuke, Herring Kirikomi Amazuke