You’ll be sure to see many shops where delicious marine products are sold along the Ororon Line. Each shop sells its own unique products which represent the culinary style of each region.

What is Nukanishin?

Raw herring is packed into a mix of rice bran and salt to make a traditionally preserved food native to the Rumoi area. At many of local marine shops you will find nukanishin right next to migakinishin, another herring product ubiquitous in Rumoi. Nukanishin was also known as sushi-nishin, or sushi-herring.
To eat nukanishin, you must first wash off the rice bran. Then you can either grill it as-is, or make it into Sampei soup. Rice balls with nukanishin is a new product which is gaining popularity. Sampei-soup commonly contains potatoes, Japanese radishes, carrots and long onions, but some families like to add kidney beans or tofu. Since the flavor of nukanishin varies depending on sodium levels and preservation time, the flavors produced at each of the marine shops vary widely from product to product.

List of marine shops which sell herring preserved in rice bran.

Honzuke: Heavily Salted, Amakuchi: Lightly Salted

⑩Kita-Rumoi Fishery Cooperatives Shosanbetsu Branch Office (Shosanbetsu)

Iso-no-Kou Nukanishin (Amakuchi)

⑪Shigehara Shoten Co., Ltd. (Haboro)

Amajiozukuri Nukanishin (Amakuchi)

Shibuya Marine Products

Mukashi-no-Aji Honzuke Nukanishin (Honzuke)
Available at Sanchoku-Kobo Kitaru㉘.

⑫Segawa Marine Products (Tomamae)

Tokusen Kuma-Arashi (Honzuke)
Attn: Need to call in advance at 0164-64-2510.

⑬Okada Shoten Co.,Ltd. (Tomamae)

Amakuchi Nukanishin (Amakuchi)

⑭Akiyama Seafood (Obira)

Nukanishin (Amakuchi)

⑮Ihara Marine Products (Rumoi)

Mukashifu-Banya Nukanishin (Honzuke)

⑯Suzuki Marine Products (Rumoi)

Nukanishin Yanshu-zukuri (Amakuchi)

Kato Marine Products

Honzuke-Kuradashi Nukanishin (Honzuke)
Available at Okatte-ya Moe⑤.

Maruyasu Marine Pruducts (Rumoi)

Yacchan-no-Nukanishin Amakuchi (Amakuchi)
Available at A-Coop Lupinus(79).

⑰Hamamoto Store (Rumoi)

Sushinishin Honzuke (Honzuke)

⑱Adachi Sangyo (Rumoi)

Nukanishin (Honzuke)

⑲Funakoshi Marine Products (Rumoi)

Honzuke Nukanishin (Honzuke)

⑳Akashima Marine Products

Nukanishin Amakuchi (Amakuchi)
Attn: Need to call in advance at 0164-53-1236.

㉑Kitanihon Marine Products (Mashike)

Amakuchi-Honzukuri Nukanishin (Amakuchi)

㉒Gurume Foods (Mashike)

Nukanishin Ipponzuke Amakuchi (Amakuchi)

㉓Maruman Marine Products (Mashie)

Nukanishin (Honzuke)
Attn: Need to call in advance at 0164-53-1603

㉔Endo Marine Products

Mashike-meisan Honzuke Nukanishin (Honzuke