⑫Cape Ogon (Golden Cape) (Omachi 2 Chome, Rumoi)

In the past, this cape was used as a lookout for schools of herring. The many strangely shaped rocks form a unique landscape. This is also an attractive place from which to watch the sun set.

⑬Senbo-dai  (Senbo-dai Observation Deck) (Reuke, Rumoi)

Here you can get a full view of Rumoi City. It is a popular place for viewing the sunset at twilight or the skyline at night among local people.

⑭Jinya Observation Deck(Bekkari, Mashike)

This was the second fort built by Akita Domain. A replica of a cannon is placed here. This is one of the scenic spots for the sunset in the Sea of Japan.

⑮Ofuyu Coast(Ofuyu, Mashike)

Here, you can enjoy many dynamic seascapes such as cliffs, capes, waterfalls, and the picturesque island known as Kakuki-no-Shima.

⑯Cape Ofuyu Observation Deck(795-1 Ofuyu, Mashike)

You can enjoy an encompassing view of Ororon Line and the Sea of Japan from the cliff. When the weather is good you can see the Rishiri, Teuri & Yagishiri Islands, and even the Shakotan Peninsula.

⑰Ofuyu Sunset Wave(Ofuyu, Mashike)

This ring-shaped monument is located near the Ofuyu Camplground, on the Ororon Line. It is a popular photographing spot for the sunset.