⑦Kannonzaki Observation Deck(Teuri Island, Haboro)

From the observation deck here you can get a full view of the dynamic precipitous cliffs located on the west coast of Teuri Island. The cliffs are over 110 meters high above the sea level.

⑧Akaiwa (Red Rock at Teuri Island) (Teuri Island, Haboro)

This rock, whose height is 48 meters high above the sea level, is a symbol of Teuri Island. You can enjoy a great view from “the Akaiwa Observation Deck”.

⑨Bell of Loving Couples(Kamihira, Tomamae)

This is a heart-shaped monument to love. It is believed that ringing the bell on the monument brings family harmony, and prosperity to ones’ descendants. Teuri and Yagishiri Islands can be seen beyond the monument.

⑩Kamihira Green Hill Wind Farm (Wind Power Station) (Kamihira, Tomamae)

This is the biggest wind power station in Japan. 39 windmills were built within a pasture on top of the hill. Although you can see the windmills from the Ororon Line, you should see them closer. A guided tour at the power station is also available.

⑪Commemorative Park to the History and Culture of Herring Fisheries(35-2 Onishika Hirotomi, Obira)

The monument and bronze statue of Takeshiro Matsuura, by whom the name “Hokkaido” was coined, glows with the setting sun. The park is on the opposite side of National Route 232, where the Michi-no-Eki “Obira Nishin-ban-ya” is also located.