September to December

[9] September
Early September

Kenko-zukuri Rumoi Road Race (Rumoi)

This is the only road race competition in Rumoi City. Athletes from throughout Hokkaido come to compete.
Place / Golden Beach Rumoi
Information / TEL.0164-42-2917 (Rumoi City Sports Center)

Teshio Mikaku Festival (Teshio)

Salmon-grabbing, sales of agricultural and marine products, lottery etc.
Place / Kagaminuma Kaihin Park
Information / TEL.01632-2-1001 (Teshio Town Hall)

September 14-15

Ariake Yahata Shrine Festivival (Shosanbetsu)

This intangible cultural property was revived in 2014 the “Ariake Lion Dance”. The dance is performed during the evening on the 14th.
Place / Ariake Yahata Shrine
Information / Ariake Yahata Shrine

End of September

Mashike Autumn Taste Festival (Mashike)

Salmon, sales of local agricultural specialties, food stalls, lottery etc.
Place / Central Wharf at Mashike Port
Information / TEL.0164-53-3332 (Festival Executive Committee at Mashike Town Hall)

Haboro Tanho Touashi Kai (Haboro)

Walk a full marathon while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Haboro.
Place /Haboro Sogogata Sports Club (Haboro Town Sports Association)
Information / TEL.0164-62-6030(Town Gymnasium)

Shosanbetsu Autumn Bounty Thanksgiving Festival (Shosanbetsu)

Sales of salmon and agricultural products, lottery for extravagant prizes, etc.
Place / Misakidai Park
Information / TEL.0164-67-2211 (Shosanbetsu Village Hall)

Embetsu Fureai Marathon (Embetsu)

Divisions: parent-child pairs, elementary (lower, middle and upper grades), jr. high and up, and general.
Place /Embetsu Opening Ceremony : Embetsu Town Lifelong Learning Center Manapi 21
Information / TEL.01632-7-3299 (Executive Committee at Embetsu Town Sports Center)

Yorimichi-no-Eki Festa (Rumoi)

A festival held within the Rumoi Promotion Bureau, stage events and marchais-style food fair.
Place / Rumoi Government Offices
Information / TEL.0164-42-8404 (Rumoi Subprefectural Bureau)

[10] October
Early October

Kenko-zukuri “Daiensoku” (Rumoi)

An 11 kilometer walk for health and community interaction.
Place / Walking Course : Rumoi – Obira Start from Takasago Park
Information / TEL.0164-42-2917 (Rumoi City Sports Center)


Orochan Road Race (Haboro)

Divisions: elementary, jr. high, high school and general
Place / Haboro
Information / TEL.0164-62-6030 (Town Gymnasium)

[11] November
End of November

Nishin-zuke Kyoshitsu (Rumoi)

Cooking class for Yanshunishinzuke (pickles flavored with herring). A local pickles expert teaches this traditional Hokkaido cusine.
Place /Rumoi Umi-no-Furusatokan
Information / TEL.0164-43-1531 (Rushin Fureai Park)

[12] December

Yorimichi-no-Eki Christmas (Rumoi)

A Christmas concert is held at the Rumoi Promotion Bureau
Place /Rumoi Government Offices
Information / TEL.0164-42-8404 (Rumoi Subprefectural Bureau)