July to August

[7] July
July 2-4

Onishika Itsukushima Shrine Festival (Obira)

A sacred procession at sea, sacred dance, portable shrines, historic clothing etc.
Place / Onishika Itsukushima Shrine
Information / Onishika Itsukushima Shrine

Early July

Kagaminuma Shijimi Clam Festival (Teshio)

Music, clam digging, sales of local goods, games, canoe rides, pony rides etc.
Place / Kagaminuma Kaihin Park
Information / TEL.01632-2-1001 (Teshio Town Tourisit Association)

July 5-8

Tomamae Shrine Festival (Tomamae)

Portable shrine processions for adults and children, sacred processions at sea and on land, and other attractions.
Place / Tomamae Shrine
Information / Tomamae Shrine

July 8-10

Haboro Shrine Festival (Haboro)

Lion dance and portable shrines combine in this unique event.
Place / Haboro
Information / Haboro Shrine

July 10-12

Obira Shrine Festival (Obira)

Portable shrines,Sarutahiko(Tengu), and children’s parades.
Place / Obira Shrine
Information / Obira Shrine

July 11-13

Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine Festival (Shosanbetsu)

Portable shrine processions for adults and children.
Place / Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine
Information / Shosanbetsu Inari Shrine

Kotanbetsu Shrine Festival (Tomamae)

Various kinds of portable shrines are featured
Place / Kotanbetsu Shrine
Information / Kotanbetsu Shrine

July 12-14

Mashike Itsukushima Shrine Festival (Mashike)

A sacred procession winds through the streets of Mashike. Vending stalls line the streets, free rice cakes and other attractions.
Place / Mashike Itsukushima Shrine
Information / Mashike Itsukushima Shrine

July 14-16

Embetsu Shrine Festival (Embetsu)

Portable shrines for children, children’s baton twirling performances and Japanese flutists wind through the streets. This festival is organized mainly for children.
Place / Embetsu Shrine
Information / Embetsu Shrine

July 16-18

Rumoi Shrine Festival (Rumoi)

Portable shrines and shrines for children are paraded through each part of town.
Place / Rumoi Shrine
Information / TEL. 0164-42-0611 (Rumoi Shrine)

Teshio Itsukushima Shrine Festival (Teshio)

Impressive shrines are paraded through the streets, Teshio lion dancers and cute sacred processions for children are some of the events at this traditional festival.
Place / Teshio Itsukushima Shrine
Information / Teshio Itsukushima Shrine


The Sea of Japan CUP Beach Volleyball Tournament in Rumoi (Rumoi)

Athletes from all over Japan come to compete in regular, co-ed, men’s only and women’s only volleyball matches.
Place / Golden Beach Rumoi
Information / TEL.0164-42-2917 (Tournament Executive Committee at Rumoi Sports Association)

Fujimi Minakuru Beach Opening Memorial Beach Volleyball Tournament (Embetsu)

Spectators come from throughout Hokkaido to watch this tournament
Place / Fujimi Minakuru Beach
Information / TEL.090-8497-2981 (Embetsu Town Volleyball Association)

End of Julyay

Haboro Firework Festival (Haboro)

Around 3000 fireworks light up the sky at this festival.
Place / Haboro Port, Haboro Sunset Beach
Information / TEL.0164-62-6666 (Haboro Town Sightseeing Association)

Teuri Sea Urchin Festival (Teuri Island)t

Sea urchin, shrimp, scallops, squid, octopus and other seafood are sold at this festival. Fireworks and BBQ are some of the other attractions.
Place / Nearby Teuri Port
Information / TEL.0164-62-6666 (Haboro Town Sightseeing Association)

Lake and Forest Festival at Lake Obirashibe (Obira)

Tours of the Obira Dam, bingo etc.
Place /Lake Obirashibe Dam Park
Information / TEL.0164-58-1622 (Festival Executive Committee)

All Hokkaido Ororon Line Marathon (Haboro)

This is an officially timed race. Age groups are: elementary, jr. high, high school and general.
Place /Haboro Town
Information / TEL.0164-62-1178 (Chuo Community Center)

Hokkaido Windmill Festival (Tomamae)

There is an onstage event, sales of local specialties etc. The shrimp cage owner event is held at this time.
Place / Tomamae Yuhigaoka Mirai-ko Park
Information / TEL.0164-64-2212 (Festival Executive Committee at Tomamae Town Hall)

Mashike Tourist Port Festival (Mashike)

Fireworks, beer parties etc. You can enjoy the delicious gourmet items of Mashike at this event.
Place /Special Event Space at Mashike Port
Information / TEL.0164-53-3332 (Festival Executive Committee at Mashike Town Hall

Umaiyo! Rumoi Ichi (Rumoi)

Various attractions which feature local seafood and processed specialties from the Rumoi Area
Place / Rumoi City Wholesale Market
Information / TEL.0164-43-6817 (Festival Executive Committee at Rumoi Tourist Association)

Camp Festa in Teshio (Teshio)

Camping, bug catching, dairy-related experiences etc.
Place / Kagaminuma Kaihin Park Campsite
Information / TEL.01632-2-1001 (Teshio Town Hall)

Rumoi Donto Festival (Rumoi)

Beer parties, fireworks, a parade of large floats, etc.
Place / Rumoi
Information / TEL.0164-42-1840 (Festival Executive Committee at Rumoi City Hall)

Nokyo Evening Market (Tomamae)

Karaoke, free rice cakes, a lottery, etc.
Place / Parking at Tomamae Town Community Center (Kotanbetsu)
Information / Tomamae Town Agricultural Cooperative

[8] August
Early August

Sunset Beach CUP Beach Volleyball Tournament (Haboro)

There is a doubles teams tournament for general players and 4 member team tournaments for men and women.
Place / Haboro Sunset Beach
Information / TEL.0164-62-1211 (Festival Executive Committee)ext

Shohisha Kangen Shoko Summer Festival (Embetsu)

There are various games for children and on-stage attractions.
Place /Parking at Embetsu Town Lifelong Learning Center Manapi 21
Information / TEL.01632-7-2245 (Commercial and Industrial Association)

Shosanbetsu Star Festival (Shosanbetsu)

Star watching, plastic bottle rocket classes etc. Admission fees are free at night.
Place / Shosanbetsu Astronomical Observatory
Information / TEL.0164-67-2136 (Board of Education)

Shosanbetsu Cape Festival (Shosaubetsu)

Octopus relay, singing, fireworks, lottery etc.
Place / Misakidai Park
Information / TEL.0164-67-2211 (Shosanbetsu Village Tourist Association)

Yagishiri Sheep Festival (Yagishiri Island)

Yagishiri Suffolk mutton BBQ, seafood stew and sales of marine products
Place / Nearby Yagishiri Port
Information / TEL.01648-2-3993 (Yagishiri Branch, Haboro Town Sightseeing Association)

LoveRiver Rumoi River Festival (Rumoi)

Boad rides, displays about the river and ecology, children’s fishing derby
Place / Riverside of Takasago Park
Information / TEL.0164-43-5115 (Festival Executive Committee)


Rumoi Summer Festival “Yanshu Bon Odori” (Rumoi)

Costumed dance competition: kids, individual adults, and group adults. There is also a children’s fair.
Place /Special Event Space at Funaba Park
Information / TEL.0164-42-1840 (Festival Executive Committee at Rumoi City Hall)

Ororon Summer Festa (Rumoi)

Fireworks and music (Ororon Fireworks) stage event etc.
Place /Special Event Space at Rumoi Port South Shore
Information / TEL.0164-42-5555 (Festival Executive Committee)

Teuri River Port Festival (Teshio)

A fireworks festival set with Mt. Rishiri in the background. Dancing, games etc.
Place / Teshiogawa Kasen Park
Information / TEL.01632-2-1045 (Festival Executive Committee)

Parade & Bonodori with Costumes (Embetsu)

Dance festival for groups of 3 and above, and individuals. Lamp-lit parade.
Place / Parking at Embetsu Town Hall
Information / TEL.01632-7-2115 (Festival Executive Committee at Embetsu Town Hall)

End of August

Obira Industrial Festival (Obira)

BBQ with Obira beef, sales of local specialties, etc.
Place / Multi-Purpose Space at Yuttarikan
Information / TEL.0164-56-2111 (Festival Executive Committee at Obira Town executive)