Pastry chefs create a symphony of delicious treats.

Rumoi is well known for its numerous and various sweet shops. Old shops of long standing, shops which use mostly locally grown ingredients and shops which take hints from local icons to create treats of unique design; all are created to meet the highest standards. You won’t be disappointed when you indulge your sweet tooth in Rumoi!

(100) Teshio-no-kuni Tokusanhin (special products) Project

Teshio chuchu pudding can be purchased at the Teshio hotsprings Yuei

Kaigandori 5 chome 51, Teshio (c/o Utageya Fukusuke)
Open houros/17:00〜24:00
Occasionally closed

(115) Toraya Kashiji (confectionery store)

“Black Pudding”, “Hamanasu Rose” and “Teshio Plate Galettes” are some of the unique desserts sold here.

Kaigandori 5 chome, Teshio
Open hours/9:00〜18:00
Occasionally closed

(116) UNO Café

Soft ice cream made of milk from the Uno dairy is sold, as well as another dish called “Toroketteuno”.

2015-2 Sarakishi, Teshio
Open hours/11:00~16:00
Occasionally closed.

(117) Baigetsu Asada Kashiho (confectionery store)

Embetsu grown adzuki beans are used in these traditional Japanese sweets.

Honcho 4 chome 82, Embetsu
Open hours/8:00〜18:30
Occasionally closed

(118) Hayashiya Nomura

This store sells a dessert that includes mochi, and other traditional Japanese sweets.

Honcho 3 chome 77, Embetsu
Open hours/8:30〜19:00

(119) Kitagawa Seikado

Embetsu Tabijo sells almonds and white chocolate wafer sandwich cookies.

Honcho 2 chome 49, Embetsu
Open hours/8:30〜19:00
Occasionally closed/Sunday

(120) TIARA

Handmade items and additive free ice cream can be purchased here.

Kita 3 jo1-27-3, Haboro
Open houros/10:00~17:00(Closed at 18:00 in summer)
Occasionally closed. Closed between January to mid April

(121) Akiyama Kashiten (confectionery store)

Originally designed sweets such as Ryoutenyaki, Umineko Sabure (Seagull cookies), and crackers with shrimp and octopus flavorings.

Minamiodori 1-30, Haboro
Open hours/7:30~18:30
Occasionally closed

(122) Baigetsu

Locally produced adzuki beans are used to make traditional Japanese sweets.

Minamiodori 2 chome, Haboro
Open hours/7:30〜18:30
Closed/New Year’s Day

(123) Kubota Oyaki-ten

Savory Japanese-style hand pies are sold here by reservation only.

Minamiodori 2 chome, Haboro
Open hours/10:00〜17:00

(124) Meika-ten (confectionery store) Sasaya

Original designs include desserts in the shape of Murre eggs.

Minami 3 jo 2 chome, Haboro
Open hours/9:30〜18:30
Occasionally closed

(125) Ichigo Shiroppu (strawberry syrup)

Crepes, Orobomanjyu are served. In summer soft cones and frappes are popular.

Minamiodori 5 chome, Haboro
Open hours/13:00~17:00、10:00~17:00 (Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)
Occasionally closed

(126) Mashima Shoten

The sweet, brown and white mochi cakes “Bekomochi” from this store are popular. They are sold at the Obira Michi-no-Eki (roadside rest area).

Onishikaminatomachi 134, Obira
Open hours/8:00〜18:00
Occasionally closed

(127) Soba & Café Karakure

The café menu includes cake, bread and other sweets.

Obiracho 116-1, Obira
Open hours/11:30~18:30
(Closed at 19:30 in June and July)

(128) Wayogashi Tamamura

The abalone motif on these sweets is original. The sweets contain white bean paste, raisins and sesame.

Honcho 2, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜18:30

(129) Community Café Pokke

You can enjoy sponge cake made with locally grown and produced Rururosso flour.

Suehirocho 2 Chome 35, Rumoi
Open hours 11:00~18:00(Saturday: until 16:00)
Closed/Sunday, Monday, and National holiday (Occasionally closed on Saturday)

(130) Sennariya

Small pastries that are shaped like herring roe and tetrapod shaped Japanese-style sweets with bean paste are popular items to buy here.

Nishikimachi 3-1-14, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜19:00
Occasionally closed

(131) Lumond

Yuuhi is a dessert with powdered charcoal. Desserts with black sesame paste and other Japanese-style sweets are popular items of this shop.

Nishikimachi 3-1-6, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜19:30
Closed/Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday

(132) Ikkyuan

The herring pie series is popular. The Premium Herring Pie actually has herring roe in it!

Suminoecho 1-38, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜19:00

(133) Sweet House Nonnon

The chiffon cake sold here is made using only rice flour. This is an original recipe developed by local high school students.

Igarashicho 2-1-15, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜19:00

(134) Fruit Labo

The “Orchard Apple Pie” and “Custard Apple Pie” are both very popular items.

Inabacho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/9:00~16:00
Closed/Monday through Friday except national holidays. Open daily in summer. Closed in winter.

(80) Furufuru Tomato

This is the antenna restaurant and farm stand of a local orchard.
The strawberry ice cream here is fresh and delicious!

Inabacho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/10:00~18:00
Occasionally closed. (Closed in winter)

(135) Mashike Fruit Kobo Karin

Yamaguchi Orchard Farm Stand Kitchen.
Jams and confections made with fresh-picked fruit is sold here.

448-5 Shokansawa, Mashike
Hours: 10:00~17:00
Holidays: Monday~Thursday
TEL. 0164-53-1719

(136) Yamazaki Kashiten (confectionery store)

Traditional Japanese buns with green bean paste and raisins are popular. The ones from this shop are named after Mt. Shokanbetsu.

Inabacho 2 chome
Open hours/9:00〜18:30
Occasionally closed

(137) Nakamuraya Seika (confectionery store)

The Nakahana manju (Nakahama dumpling) is made with paste with peeled adzuki beans. All the sweets at this store are home-made.

Minamieijyucho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/9:00〜19:00
Occasionally closed