Scenic Byway
Moeru Tenpoku Ororon Route

The Moeru Tenpoku Ororon Route is a designated scenic byway route which comprises national highway Routes 231 and 232. This route runs through the 1 city, 7 towns and 1 village of the Rumoi area, starting from Mashike and on north to Horonobe cho in Soya. “Scenic Byway” is a program which connects the national highway system to various points of interest and beauty in any given locality. The Rumoi area boasts a wide variety of such points, including sites of the historical herring fishing industry, beautiful off-shore islands, a picturesque coastline through which rivers meander to the sea, parks and national parks where you can enjoy the nature of this region. Scenic Byway is a part of a variety of local development activities which celebrate the regional and natural assets of Rumoi.

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