“Sandome no Satsujin” (The third murder)

This suspense movie was produced in 2017 and stars Fukuyama Masaharu, Yakusho Koji, and Hirose Suzu. Filming was done at locations in Rumoi and Mashike.

㉟Mashike Seashore(Betsukari, Mashike)

This was used as a location in the movie Sandome no Satsujin (The Third Murder).

“Haru to no Tabi” (Journey with Spring)

This 2010 road movie was shot at locations in Mashike and Miyagi Prefecture. Nakadai Tatsuya and Tokunaga Eri star in this film.

㊱Mashike Station(Benten cho, Mashike)

Scenes were shot at the station and within the JR train.

“Kaizokuban= BOOTLEG FILM”

This is a 1999 suspense road movie about two friends, one a gangster and the other a police officer, who get into a fight over one woman.

㊲Mt. Shokanbetsu Ski Area(698-1 Shokansawa, Mashike)

Skiing scenes were shot at this slope.

“KOROSHI Koroshi” (Killer)

This is a 2000 suspense movie about a man who loses his job to downsizing and then changes professions to become a hit-man.

㊳Cottage Mins(Minami Shokancho 6, Mashike)

This log house appears in a scene. This cottage is available for rental except during winter.

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