Three Famous Calligraphers in Rumoi Area

Shinsho Kaneda
Born in Rumoi. Resided in Horonobe

Shinsho Kaneda cooperated with the Ministry of Education in the composition and compilation of educational materials and selection of recipients for various certificates of merit. He was the recipient of many awards himself including The Order of the Rising Sun. He died of pneumonia at the age of 82.

Hokumei Nakano
Born 1923 in Haboro

He continues to celebrate his love for Hokkaido through modern-style poems and is the recipient of may awards. He was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun in 2009 in recognition of his work.

Keiun Tsuji
Born 1944, Resides in Uryu

After graduating from university he became a pupil of Outei Kaneko. He has worked in numerous capacities: an instructor at the Hokkaido University of Education, the director for the Hokkaido Calligraphy Exhibition, a guest instructor at London University, a museum advisor and others. His activities are both national and international. He has been the recipient of many awards such as the Tokyo Calligraphy Society Award. He is also involved in the education of the next generation of calligraphers.