Enjoy inspiring works of the great artists.

Here we suggested a route which starts in Sapporo and ends in Horonobe. The works of art that are introduced on these pages are not only displayed in museums, but also in various indoor and outdoor public areas.

①Kaneda Shinsho Calligraphy Museum(Horonobe 102-1, Horonobe)

About 1,200 calligraphic works by Shinsho Kaneda are displayed along with inkstones, brushes and about 400 works in ceramic. A large work is displayed on the first floor where the tea room is located, the second floor houses a display of his smaller works and cherished personal items.

Open hours / 10:00〜16:00
Closed / Monday, national holidays, Year-end and New Year’s holidays, and days for the exhibit exchange (Open in May 3-5)
Fee / Adult \300, High school students and younger \150

②Yagishiri Local Museum (Former Kona Family’s Residence)(Yagishirihigashihama 183, Haboro)

This is a regional art museum where the works of Hokumei Nakano, Ichiroku Iwatani, and Gochiku Nakabayashi are displayed.

Open season and hours / May 1 – September 30, 9:00~16:00
Open daily during the open season
Fee / Adult \320, High school students and younger FOC

③“Oumi” Stone Monument(Yagishiri, Haboro)

A stone monument stands on a hill overlooking the Sea of Japan on Yagishiri island. This monument, which commemorates the birthplace of Hokumei Nakano, is inscribed with the words Oumi.

④“Kita no aoi umi” Stone Monument(Minatomachi 1 chome 51, Haboro)

This is another stone monument, which is inscribed with the characters “Ooumi”. It is located to the left of the entrance to the Haboro Ferry Terminal.

⑤“Centennial Furusato Park” Stone Monument(Kita 5 jo 1 chome, Haboro)

A stone monument inscribed with characters written by Hokumei Nakano stands near the entrance of the Haboro Rose Garden. The monument is dedicated to the 100-year anniversary memorial park.

⑥Sho no Hokumei Anniversary Room ~ Hokumei Nakano Calligraphy Memorial Exhibit(Minami 6 jo 2 chome, Haboro)

This space is reserved for exhibition of the works of Hokumei Nakano. About 20 selected works are displayed here. This space is located in the Haboro Civic Center. There is no entrance fee. The works are rotated on an indeterminate schedule. There is a large piece of his work displayed at the entrance of this facility.

Open hours / 9:00-17:30
Closed / Every 4th Sunday, December 30 – January 3