Nakano Hokumei, Kaneda Shinshou and Tsujii Keiun and others, the Rumoi Area is a region which is home to many master calligraphers who are representative of their art in Japan. Here we introduce the various facilities where you can view the works of such artists as well as those of the famous calligraphers from the Meiji era. Browse a variety of calligraphic pieces as you travel from Sapporo to the Rumoi Area and the surrounding area.

Browse the Fine Brush Strokes of the Masters

Together, Nakano Hokumei of Haboro, Kaneda Shinshou from Rumoi and Tsujii Keiun from Uryu, Sorachi are three representative masters of calligraphy in Japan. As you look at their works you get a sense of how
the severe climate, with it’s wild waves and freezing cold winds, infuses the minds, bodies and art of these masters. Now, there is a gallery where you can enjoy the pieces of all three calligraphers. Framed pieces and calligraphy carved into stone monuments can also be viewed in various public areas and parks.

In addition, the writings of three great calligraphers of the Meiji era can be viewed at galleries in Mashike, Ishikari. and on Yagishiri. Many pieces were once displayed privately in the homes of merchants and owners of large herring operations and so are silent yet eloquent testimony to the prosperity of the herring boom years. Because many of the galleries are adjacent to other tourist attractions, the art of calligraphy can be easily taken in as you sightsee.

This region has become a popular setting for a variety of novels, dramas and movies. Picturesque fishing villages and the stormy Sea of Japan in winter become the background for locations with unique ambience. Wouldn’t a tour through these “places from a story” make for a great journey!