List of Swimming Beaches in the Rumoi Area

There are a variety of beaches in the Rumoi Area, each with its own ambience. Each of these beaches are designed for the safety and enjoyment of all ages. Most beaches are adjacent to camping facilities which makes this area popular with summertime ocean-goers.

㊳Enbetsu Minakuru Beach

This beach is near the Embetsugawa Kasen Park. This beach is usually calm thanks to the breakwater which surrounds it.

Fujimi, Enbetsu
TEL.01632-7-3939 / TEL.01632-7-2115

㊷Shosambetsu Village Toyosaki Swimming Beach

There is a park within the hillside area overlooking the beach.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu (Shosambetsu Tourism Association)

㊹Haboro Sunset Beach

This swimming beach is located near Haboro Sunset Plaza.

Minatomachi 5 chome, Haboro

㊺Teuri Island Ronbaba Beach

This cozy beach is equipped with a bathroom.

Teuri, Haboro
TEL.0164-68-7007 (Haboro Town Commerce and Tourism Department)

㊽Tomamae Yuhigaoka White Beach

The Tomamae Yuhigaoka Mirai-ko Park is located near a swimming beach. There is a cafeteria and kiosk and the site is equipped with warm showers (300 yen) and flushing toilets.
A bathing facility is also nearby.

Sakaehama55, Tomamae

(51) Onishika Twin Beach

You can choose from two swimming beaches here.

Onishiamotohama, Obira
TEL.0164-57-1951 (Onishika Tourism Association)

(53) Usuya Swimming Beach

This wide shallow beach is located conveniently near Obira city limits.

Usuya, Obira
TEL.0164-56-2710 (Usuya Tourism Association)

(55) Golden Beach Rumoi

This campsite and swimming beach is a great place to enjoy the sunset.

Okimicho, Rumoi

Auto campground available Bungalow rental available
Pets allowed Bathing facilities available nearby