Recommended Campsites in the Rumoi Area

There are a variety of campsites scattered throughout the municipalities of the Rumoi Area. Because many of these sites face the Sea of Japan, you can enjoy the beaches while you camp. Here, we would like to recommend fall camping. Compared to mid-summer, the days and nights are a comfortable temperature and there are fewer insects.
In Rumoi summers are cooler and fresher than many other regions, however outdoor venues tend to be a bit noisy due to the many beach-goers and campers. Fall, by comparison, is less crowded and you can enjoy a more spacious and relaxed camping trip. Fall is also a great time to load up on local seasonal produce for gourmet camp-side meals. Many campsites in Rumoi sub-prefecture accommodate auto-camping, which makes this region popular with RV owners.
We encourage you to try fall camping in the Rumoi Area. You will be sure to enjoy the fall colors and beautiful sunsets during cool, relaxing evenings.