(54) Cape Ogon Campground

The sun sinking into the horizon beyond this rocky cape is most definitely a sight worth seeing!

Omachi 2 chome, Rumoi

(56) Kamuiwa Park Campground

A zip-line “Tarzan rope” and other large park equipment make this a fun campground for all ages.

Kamuiwa, Rumoi

(57) Shokan Kaihin Campground

Located at the mouth of the Shokambetsu river, conveniently near downtown Mashike.

Shokankaigancho 72-1, Mashike

(58) Mashike Riverside Park Auto Camping Site

Tennis courts and a park golf court round out a campground that is fun for all ages.

Bekkari 459, Mashike

(59) Mashike Shokansawa Camping Site

This forest-encompassed campground is located at the entrance to the Shokanbetsu Mountain area.

Shokansawa 830, Mashike


(60) Ofuyu Campground

This sandy campsite is located right off National Route 231. There is room for about 10 tents.

Ofuyu, Mashike

Auto campground available Bungalow rental available
Pets allowed Bathing facilities available nearby