A variety of unique campsites are available throughout the Rumoi Area

Campgrounds become the base for more than just fishing; many of the camping areas in the Rumoi area are located adjacent to additional facilities such as park-golf courses and/or hot springs, so you can relax after a day of playing hard. And don’t forget, a campground is the best place to take in the beautiful sunsets of this region.

㊱Teshio Kagaminuma Kaihin Park Campground

A good place to view Mt. Rishiri, located near Teshio hotspring Yuubae.

Sarakisi 7476, Teshio


㊲Embetsugawa River Park

Located at the mouth of the Embetsu River, across the road from the nearby beach.

Fujimi, Embetsu

㊴Fujimigaoka Park Campground

Located near highway rest stop Fujimi and a park golf course.

Fujimi, Embetsu

㊵Shosambetsu Misaki-dai Park Auto Camping Site

The campsite here is spacious and the hot spring is within walking distance.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu
TEL.0164-67-2077(Management Building)/
0164-67-2031(Information after hours)

㊶Shosambetsu Misaki-dai Park Campground

The roadside rest area, hot spring and astronomical observatory are all close by.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu (Shosambetsu Tourism Bureau)

Auto campground available Bungalow rental available
Pets allowed Bathing facilities available nearby