Recommended Fishing Spots

Big fish lurk in the deep waters off the cliffs along Route 231 to Mashike. Flounder and halibut can be caught off the sandy beaches which run north through Rumoi on Route 232. You can enjoy a variety of fishing venues in the Rumoi Area.

⑱Hatsuura Fishing Harbor (Shosanbetsu, Shosanbetsu)

Shosanbetsu is well known for the large cresthead flounder and fox jacopever which can be caught offshore from a fishing boat, but aburako fish and right-eyed flounder can be caught with a casting rod from the shore.

⑲Ariake Seashore (Ariake, Shosanbetsu)

At first glance this beach looks mediocre, but in late fall cherry salmon will often go for a good lure. You can catch right-eyed flounder and large cresthead flounder with a casting rod.Nice sized aburako fish can be caught here too.

㉒Hideura Seashore (Onishika Hideura, Obira)

This is another reef area. You can catch sculpin if you’re bottom fishing. Great sculpin are occasionally caught in the fall.

㉓Otodo Seashore (Otodo, Obira)

This area is also mostly sandy, but you can try for fish around the rocks. Right-eyed flounder can be caught easily and you can also get aburako fish. In the summer you can catch lindberg skate、and salmon in the fall.

㉔Hanaoka Seashore (Hanaoka, Obira)

 A sandy beach opens out southward from the mouth of the Onitomari river but the ocean-floor is solid. Be careful to not lose your lures here. Use a banana weight and a single hook. You can also catch aburako fish, atke mackerel and sculpin.

㉝Hashibetsu River Estuary (Hashibetsu, Mashike)

Boulders dot the reef which then turns to sandy seabed further out to sea. Cast long for right-eyed flounder and aburako fish. Fox jacopever become active after the sun goes down. Hachigara fish tend to hand around the boulders.

㉞Iwaoi Tunnel and its surrounding (Iwaoi, Mashike)

This area has a unique sulphuric scent and the seabed is particularly rocky. But big aburako fish, fox jacopever, white-edged rockfish, and hachigara fish love it here! You can even catch squid at the harbor in early summer.

㉟Akaiwa Misaki Area (Iwaoi, Mashike)

The reef is mixed with somewhat rocky areas and seaweed beds but you can try for aburako fish and cresthead flounder during the day. Nice sized foc jacopever and hachigara fish can be caught after the sun goes down. Be sure to watch your step and it’s a good idea to bring a fishing chair. Use extreme caution when the waves are high. The fish here like worms and soft lure.