⑪Funaba Gakkou (Adventure School) (Funabacho 2 chome 114, Rumoi)

At Funaba “school”, elementary school aged children learn from agricultural, fishing and outdoor experiences which are taught throughout the year. The park and facility at Funaba has become a center for learning about and enjoying life surrounded by the nature of Rumoi.

Open season / July – May 15 sessions (Yr.2016)
Place / Rushin Fureai Park (Funaba Park)
Number of accepting applications / 15 per session

⑬Canoe Adventure at the Rumoi Dam(Chibaberi 3692, Rumoimura, Rumoi)

Lake Chibaberi located near the city center has been popular to enjoy canoeing.

Open season / July 11 – November 6 (Yr.2016)
Information / Rumoi Dam Management Branch Office

⑭Fudo Kobo Kosae-ru(Fujiyama cho, Rumoi)

Experience making miso, bread, tofu, buckwheat noodles and other items from fresh local ingredients. You can enjoy cooking on a new level at this facility.

Information /
For more information call:
TEL.0164-43-4556 (Rumoi City Agricultural Center: Fudo Kobo Kosae-ru)
TEL.0164-42-1801 (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Rumoi City Hall)

⑮Tour of Ofuyu and Iwao (Mashike)

Tour of male Ofuyu Area, Iwao Area in about 2 hours.

Information / Bochibochi-Ikoka-Mashikekan (Bentencho 1 chome 21-1, Mashike)

⑯Hiking on Shokanbetsu Mountain (Mashike)

At 1492 meters, this is the highest peak in this range. Flowers bloom in the meadows and you can see endemic varieties such as Mashike vetch and a type of st. johns wort. There are two routes, one from the municipal Mashike area, and one from Hashibetsu area, but be advised that both routes are affected by underbrush, snow, and bear sightings so hikers should prepare accordingly.

Open season: mid-June~October
For more information call” 0164-53-3839 (Café Polku and Cottage/Mashike cho Miharashi cho 1058-11)

There is a fee for the classes and adventure tours with this mark.