Immerse yourself in Nature; Enjoy the Ocean and Mountains of Rumoi Area

The Rishiri Reibun Sarobetsu National Park and the Shokanbetsu Teuri Yagishiri Quasi-national Park are part of the wide stretches of untouched natural environment that exist in the Rumoi area. Each city and town conducts various programs where you can get out and enjoy nature first-hand.
For detailed information, please visit the Hokkaido Rumoi Sub-prefecture Adventure Tourist Navigator

②Local Living Experience in Embetsu (Embetsu)

This unique short-term rural living experience includes slow-food cooking classes, agricultural field trips, fishing industry experiences and venues where you can get to know the local people. The program length starts at 4 nights and 5 days on up to 1 month stays. It is necessary to apply in advance. Please call for more information.

TEL.01632-9-7151 (Community Support Center)

④Teuri Island Guided Walking Tour(Teuri, Haboro)

Spend an hour walking around Teuri island with a local guide. At night you can enjoy stars in complete darkness. There is also a “Night with the Stars” tour.

Open season / April – September (Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)
Information / TEL.090-1097-0500 (Usami)

⑤Night With the Stars Tour(Teuri, Haboro)

Star watching is best enjoyed at locations such as Teuri, the remote offshore island near Haboro. Participants from 1 to 10 persons.

Open season / from August to September 8~9 PM
For more information call: 01648-3-5515 (Teuri island Oraga Island Revitalization Forum)

⑥Yagishiri Island Trekking(Yagishiri, Haboro)

Enjoy the “green island” Yagishiri on this 2 hour 30 minute walking tour.

Open season / July – September (Saturday and Sunday only)
Information / Yagishiri Mankitsu Project (Yagishiri Guide Walk)
TEL.090-9999-7894 (Okuno)

⑦Yukihane Volunteer Snow Shoveling Tour(Tomamae)

This program is a one-night, two-day experience in the Kotanbetsu area and accommodates participants traveling from Sapporo. Enjoy meeting the locals while you shovel snow. The local hot-spring feels great after a day of hard work! The evening mixer party is worth coming for as well.

For more information call: 011-221-0912 (CB Tours Co.,Ltd.? )

⑩Hunting Adventure in Rumoi (Rumoi)

Take part in a hunting adventure and stalk the mountains for Ezo-deer with a hunter/guide. Learn how to clean a deer, and then enjoy the freshest meat you will ever eat.

Open season / Latter half of October – End of February
Place / Mountains near Rumoi
Information / Fuiru-do-Rumoi Jikkoiinnkai (Executive Committee)

There is a fee for the classes and adventure tours with this mark.