Rumoi Railroad Site

※ (P) means a platform. Names of the stations, platforms and branch railways remain the same as those at the time of the railroad closure.

A company in Numata: But named for Rumoi

A railway was built to transport the coal produced at multiple mines along the Horoshin Tachibetsu river basin in Numata. The railway from Horoshin was extended to Ebishima Station, thus connecting it to the National Rumoi Line, and a railway from Rumoi Station branched out to the harbor railway. The harbor line that transported cargo to the harbor is the keystone of this railway, and so the company was named accordingly. However, the main office was located next to the Ebishima Station. The mine was opened in 1930, and the railway to the mine was opened in December of the same year. The final destination of the Southern Pier Railway was the West Rumoi Station and the final destination of the Northern Pier Railway was the Northern Rumoi Station. North Rumoi Station and Karikotanhama Station were added to the northern line. The area currently being used for “Funaba Park” located north of JR Rumoi station was once the switching yard for lines with conjunctions here. The remains of rails and railway bridges can still be seen around Rumoi Port. You can observe a Klaus No. 15 Steam Locomotive and other memorabilia from Rumoi National Railway which is preserved at the Numata Horoshin Museum.