Former Site of the National Railway Haboro Line

※(T) means a temporary platform. Names of the stations and temporary platforms remain the same as those at the time of the railroad closure.

The Railway connecting Rumoi and Haboro was the last to be closed before National Railway was privatized.

In 1927, the line between Rumoi Station and Ootodo Station was opened as a branch line by National Railway Rumoi. After the line was extended to Kotanbetsu in 1931, the name was changed to the “Haboro Line”. The line extending to Haboro Station was completed the year after. The stretch between Haboro Station and Teshio Station was opened for service in 1935. The line was further extended to Enbetsu station, and the completed Haboro Line was opened in 1958. Express trains “Haboro” and “Rumoi” served the local people. However, due to dwindling demand for cargo and passenger trains, the line was closed right before the privatization of Japan Railway, thus making this the last line to be closed by Japan National Railway. Passenger transportation was taken over by Engan Bus. It has been 30 years since the railway was closed but you can still see the bridges, piers, tunnels and railway beds, which remain in many places. Various other railway memorabilia can been observed in the museums of each of the towns and villages.