Tempt your senses with the perfect bowl of ramen!

You can enjoy ramen at many ramen shops and restaurants in the Rumoi Area. A few particularly interesting restaurants and the unique ramen they sell are introduced here. A trip to find and savor the perfect bowl of ramen would be a fun one indeed!

(85) Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Teshio

“Shijimi Shio Ramen” is a salt-floverd ramen with lots of flesh water clams.

Shinkaidori 4-7227, Teshio
Open hours/11:00〜18:00
(Closed at 17:00 in November and December, and 15:00 in January, February and March)
Closed/ Sunday from November to April, Year-End and New Year’s holiday

(86) Drive-In Teshio

“Nihonkai Ramen” is served with seafood and vegetables. “Shijimi Ramen” has lots of fresh water clams.

Sarakishikisen, Teshio
Open hours/10:00〜19:00(Closed at 14:00 on Sunday)
Occasionally closed

(87) Teshio Hot Spring Yubae Restaurant

“Shijimi Ramen” contains flesh water clams native to Teshio

Sarakishi 5807-4, Teshio
Open hours/11:30〜14:30、17:30〜21:00(Monday-Friday)、11:00〜14:30、17:00〜21:00(Saturday, Sunday, and National Holidays)
Open daily

(88) Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) and Fujimi Restaurant Tongarikan

Salt-flavored Ramen with lots of scallops and seaweed is popular.

Fujimi 46-1, Embetsu
Opening hours/11:00〜19:00
Closed/Tuesday in February and March

(89) Restaurant Hanamisaki

One of the popular ramen is called “Tako (many happiness) Ramen” which contains octopus and octopus soup.

Opening hours/11:00〜14:00、17:00〜19:30
Open daily

(90) Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Romantic Road Shosambetsu Rest House Tomoshibi

Salt-flavored and soy-sause-flavored ramen are served with “Fugudashi”, soup stock made of globefish, which is on sale at the Michi-no-Eki.

Open hours/10:00~21:00(April-October)、10:00~20:00(November-March)

(91) Restaurant Hokkyokusei (Polar Star)

Famous “Fugudashi Ramen” is served with “fugudashi”, soup stock made of globefish. Lighter taste.

Open hours/11:00〜17:00(from the end of April to the middle of October )

(92) Ramen Noodles Kagetsu

“Ororon Ramen” is served with scallops, sea urchin, crab, shrimp, and seaweed

Minami 4 jo 2, Haboro
Open hours/11:00~15:00、17:00~19:00
Occasionally closed

(93) Ikkyu Shokudo

“Haboro Ramen” is served with scallops, shrimp, sea urchin, and seaweed.
“Haboro Ebishio Ramen” is served with deep-fried deep-water shrimp, ebitakogyoza (dumpling with minced deep-water shrimp and octopus stuffing). It also comes with 3 pieces of deep-water shrimp sashimi.

Minami 6 jo 3 chome 10, Haboro
Open hours/11:00~18:30(March-October)11:00~15:00(November-February)
Closed/ Every 1st and 3rd Thursday

(94) Iwata Restaurant

Shrimp and octopus ramen is available seasonally during summer. Shrimp and octopus pot sticker-curry is also popular.

Minami 7 Jo 3 Chome, Haboro
Open hours/10:30~20:00

(95) Masa-tei

“Ganso Fusha Ramen” is cleverly arranged to look like a windmill.

Kotanbetsu 196, Tomamae
Open hours/11:00〜14:00、17:00〜21:00

(96) Sankaiko

“Yanshu Ramen” is served with nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran) and its soup stock. Kaisendon (rice bowl topped with seafood) and “Hayashidon”(rice bowl topped with deer meat) are also served.

Kotambetsu 194-7, Tomamae
Open hours/11:00~13:30、17:00~23:00
Occasionally closed

(97) Reuke Ranch Torimu

“Ororon Ramen” is served with native quid, scallop, and deep-water shrimp.
The secret ingredient in the soup is tomato juice.

Reukecho 294-1, Rumoi
Open hours/10:00~18:00(the end of April – the beginning of October)、
Closed/Monday(Open daily for National holidays and summer)

(98) Tanaka Shoten Ramen Noodles

“Sakekasu Ramen” is made of Sakekasu produced by the Kunimare Sake Brewery. The soup stock of “Amaebi Ramen” is made of deep-water shrimp.

Inabacho 1 chome, 16-2, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜17:00
Occasionally closed