List of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy a variety of meats.

The Rumoi Area is home to a variety of delicious high-quality meats such as beef and mutton. Here we introduce shops which serve this meat and their original sauces.

Livestock industry of the Rumoi Area

A variety of livestock is raised in the Rumoi Area; dairy and beef ranching is focused in the north, each area in the sub-prefecture has their own niche of ranching and mutton is raised on Yagishiri island. 150 dairy farms maintain a total of about 15,000 milk cows which produce a collective 60,000 tons of milk a year. This is mostly packaged as milk or butter, but a variety of cheeses and sweets are also produced.
About 8,000 beef cattle are raised in this region. Obira beef, and also that of Teshio and Embetsu, have taken top awards at the National Japanese Beef Forum.
The head number of Haboro-cho Yagishiri Suffolk sheep is limited and most of the mutton is routed to urban restaurants as a high-quality commodity. However, locals can get a taste at the yearly Yagishiri Sheep Festival, at which the mutton is seared over briquettes. Yagishiri Suffolk is also served for a limited time at some of the restaurants in Haboro-cho.
Obira Black Japanese Beef is served at the yearly Obira Producers Festival, which is held yearly on the last Sunday in August.
We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy our local bounty at one of these regional events.


(99) Yakiniku Restaurant Tachibana

You can enjoy locally raised Suffolk mutton here.

55-3 Kaigandori 5 Chome, Teshio
Open hours /17:00~25:00 Open all year round.

(100) The Teshio Specialty Project

These amazing dumplings are made with local beef and flavored sukiyaki-style with tomatoes. This specialty is only served during events.

Utageya Fukusuke, 51 Kaigandori 5 Chome, Teshio

(90) Michi-no-Eki ☆ Roman Kaido Shosanbetsu (Roadside Rest Area)
Restaurant Tomoshibi

Enjoy local “Kimura Beef”at the BBQ house.

153-1 Toyomisaki, Shosanbetsu
Open hours/10:00~21:00
Closed/Tuesday TEL.0164-67-2525

(101) Hata Meat Shop

You can purchase Suffolk from Yagishiri island.

8-5 Asahi, Haboro
Open hours /8:00~19:00
Closed/TEL 0164-62-1732

(50) Shimakko Shokudo Restaurant

You can enjoy briquette roasted Yagishiri Suffolk here.

Yagishiri Aza Higashihama?, Haboro
Open hours/9:00 to the last ship(June-End of September)
Open everyday during the season.

(102) Okawa Shoten

The special recipe BBQ mutton sold at this shop is wildly popular with out of towners. You can also purchase this product at the Roadside Rest Area Fuwatto Tomamae.

252 Aza Kotanbetsu, Tomamae
Open hours /9:00~18:00
Occasionally closed

(103) Daitoen Yakiniku Restaurant

You can BBQ your mutton sold at Okawa Shoten here.

249 Kotanbetsu, Tomamae
Open hours /11:00~21:00 (20:00 L.O)

(96) Sankaiko

“Tomamae Hayashi Deer on Rice”is a bowl of rice with deer meat. It is named after the hunter who shot the deer.

194-7 Kotanbetsu, Tomamae
Open hours/11:00~13:30, 17:00~23:00
Occasionally closed.

(104) Michi-no-Eki Obira Herring Fishermen’s Cottage Tourist Information Center (Roadside Rest Area)

You can enjoy Obira Beef in dishes such as hamburger steaks, curry and stew. These products were created by the local organization“Hop-Step”.

Open hours/9:00~18:00(December-March /10:00~17:00)
Open all year round.

(105) Restaurant Rio

The set menu “Sangenbuda”pork cutlet is voluminous.

Open hours/11:15~14:00, 17:00~19:00

(106) Nikudokoro Azuma

Enjoy the relaxing ambience of this restaurant while you eat locally produced Azuma Beef.

35-2 Myogencho 6 Chome, Rumoi
Open hours /17:00~22:00
Closed /Sunday & National Holiday

(107) Bishokushuka Tukasa

You can eat Azuma Beef Hamburgers here.

Kaiuncho 3 Chome, Rumoi
Open hours/11:30~13:30, 17:30~24:00

(108) Chuo Supermarket Main Store

Chuo Supermarket markets original Mongolian style BBQ pork. You can also buy Mongolian style BBQ chicken as well.

Nishikicho 3, Rumoi
Open hours /8:30~10:00
Open all year round.

(79) A Coop Rumoi Lupinus

You can purchase Rumoi-Brand Azuma Beef here.

4-6 Takasagocho 3 Chome, Rumoi
Open hours /9:00~20:00

(109) Ishiyama Meat Shop

Many diners come back again to enjoy the Mongolian style BBQ and original sauce from this shop.

Open hours/9:00~18:00