High-Grade Foods from the North

As of 2017, four products from the Rumoi Area were selected by Hokkaido as representational “High Grade” processed foods with exceptional appeal.

③Tanaka Seika (Vegetables & Fruits)
(Selected in 2014)

The pickles at Tanaka Seika (greengrocery) are made on the premises with high quality vegetables from Hokkaido and Japan. Pickles made with cherry tomatoes or potatoes are uniquely delicious!

Sakaemachi 2 chome 3-21, Rumoi

㉗Umezawa Shoten
Sun-dried Native Deep-water Shrimp
(Selected in 2015)

Carefully selected deep-water shrimp from Haboro are sun dried by hand to make this delicious product.

Ariake 48, Shosambetsu

㉛Ebina Gyogyobu (Fisheries Department)
Deep-water shrimp steamed with sake
(Selected in 2015)

Deep-water shrimp are first steeped in rice wine and then steamed. Direct sales of this new product began in spring of 2017.

Sold by Sanchokukoubou Kitaru
Minatomachi 1 chome 36, Haboro TEL.0164-68-7700

(84) Futaba Noodles
Fresh pasta “RuRu Rosso”
(Selected in 2013)

This pasta is made with the super-hard wheat Rururosso, which is grown in Rumoi. This product garnered praise at the 2015 Milano Expo.

Sakaemachi 2 chome 3-6, Rumoi
Opening hours/ 9:00~17:00(Monday-Friday)