Marine Products, List of Shops for Direct Sales of Processed Marine Products

You’ll be sure to see many shops where delicious marine products are sold along the Ororon Line. Each shop sells its own unique products which represent the culinary style of each region.

⑦Mashike Marche

Mashike’s best Seafood and agricultural products are on sale.
Hatanakacho 1 chome 38, Mashike
Open hours/9:30〜16:30
Closed/from the end of November to the beginning of April

⑨North Rumoi Fishery Cooperative Shosambetsu Branch Store

Octopus in vinegar, Octopus products, Squid in vinegar, Nukahokke (Atka mackerel packed in salt and rice bran), and more
Shosambetsu 48-1, Shosambetsu
Open hours/8:30〜16:30
Closed/Saturday afternoon, Sunday

⑪Shigehara Shoten Co.,Ltd.

Deep-water shrimp products, takozangi (deep-fried octopus), nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran), shiokazunoko (salted herring roe), fresh deep-water shrimp, and more
Minami 1 jo 3 chome, Haboro
Open hours/8:00〜17:00

⑬Okada Shoten Co.,Ltd.

lavored herring roe, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran), yanchaduke pickles, salted deep-water shrimp, and more
Tomamae 27, Tomamae
Open hours/8:00〜17:00

⑭Akiyama Marine Products Co.,Ltd.

Nukahokke (atka mackerel packed in salt and rice bran), nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran), nukasamma (saury packed in salt and rice bran), sagohachizuke, and more
Onishikasemmatsu 333, Obira
Open hours/9:00〜18:00
Occasionally closed

⑮Ihara Marine Products Direct Sales Store

Flavored herring roe, salted herring roe, cod roe, salmon roe, mentaiko (spicy cod roe), and more
Open hours/10:00〜17:00

⑯Suzuki Marine Products Co.,Ltd.

Salted herring roe, flavored herring roe, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran)
Segoshicho 35-2, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00〜12:00、13:00〜16:00
Occasionally closed

⑰Hamamoto Shoten Direct Sales Store

Herring roe, cod roe, herring products, and more
Okimicho 3 chome 35, Rumoi
Open hours/8:00〜17:00
Closed/Year-end and New Year holidays

⑱Adachi Sangyo Co.,Ltd.

Salmon roe, matsumaezuke, herring roe, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and bran)
Okimicho 4-11, Rumoi
Open hours/10:00〜16:00
Occasionally closed

⑲Funakoshi Marine Products Ltd.

Smoked atka mackerel, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran), migakinishin (dried herring), and more
Reuke 18, Rumoi
Open hours/8:00~17:00
Closed/Saturday and Sunday

㉑Direct Sales Store of Kitanihon Marine Products Co.,Ltd.

Fresh fish, herring roe, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran)
Hatanakacho 1, Mashike
Open hours/9:00〜17:00

㉒Gurume Shokuhin Direct Sales Store

Smoked salmon, saketoba (cured salmon) , cod roe, and more.
Bentencho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/9:00〜17:00(Closed at 16:00 on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays)
Open daily

㉔Endo Marine Products Co.,Ltd. Mashike Minatomachi Marke

Deep-water shrimp, fresh fish, flavored salmon roe, seafood products, chimmi (delicacy), and more
Minatomachi 4-26, Mashike
Open hours/8:30〜16:00


Chimmi (delicacy), nishinkirikomi (herring and roe pickled in salt and rice bran), hokkekirikomi (atka mackerel pickled in salt and rice bran), shiokara(fish preserved in salt and spices), shiouni (salted sea urchin), and more
Minamiodori 1 chome, 7-2, Haboro
Open hours/9:00〜17:00
Occasionally closed

㉖North Rumoi Fishery Cooperative Teshio Branch Store

Open from the beginning of June to September
Freshwater clam, and more
Kawaguchi, Teshio
Open hours/10:00〜16:00(Closed at 12:00 on Saturday)
Occasionally closed

㉗Umezawa Shoten

Furikake (dried deep-water shrimp flakes), sashimi, ichiyaboshi (fish salted and dried overnight), chimmi (delicacy), and more
Ariake 48, Shosambetsu
Open hours/8:00〜18:00

㉘Sanchokukoubou Kitaru

Deep-water shrimp, deep-water shrimp products, fresh fish, and more
Minatomachi 1 chome 36, Haboro
Open hours/9:00〜16:00

㉚Yamada Suisan Direct Sales Store

Deep-water shrimp, crab, fresh fish and more.
Kita 4 Jo 1 Chome, Haboro
Open hours/9:00~17:00
Occasionally closed.

㉛Sweet Shrimp Factory Ebina Gyogyobu

Deep-water shrimp cooked in rice wine, whelk and other items.
Saiwaicho 57, Haboro
Open hours/10:00~16:00
TEL. 0164-68-7777


Deep-water shrimp, deep-water shrimp products, nukanishin (herring packed in salt and rice bran), and more
Kaisendon (rice bowl topped with seafood) are also served at the restaurant.
Open hours/9:00〜15:00
Closed/Tuesday(open daily in summer)

㉝Shima-no-Kasan Direct Sales Store

Open from June to August
Shiouni (salted sea urchin) and more
Open hours/8:30~15:00
Occasionally closed

㉞North Rumoi Fishery Cooperative Tomamae Branch Store

Deep-water shrimp, hakkaku (salfin poacher), karei (flat fish), chimmi (delicacy) and more
Open hours/9:00~16:00
Closed/Saturday, Sunday afternoon

㉟Fujita Marine Products Ltd.

Octopus specialty shop. Different kinds of cured octopus: Ippaidako, Hipparidako, Takobouatama, and more
Onishikahirotomi 90, Obira
Open hours/8:30〜18:00 (Closed at 17:00 in winter)
Closed/New Year’s Day


The main products of this shop are made of octopus. Flat fish and other kinds of native seafood are also on sale.
Shiomicho, Rumoi
Open hours/9:00~17:00
Occasionally closed

㊲Yamani-Noguchi Marine Products Co.,Ltd.

Saketoba, smoked atka mackerel, smoked herring, and more
Shinonomecho 1-30, Rumoi
Open hours/8:00〜17:00
Occasionally closed


The mackerel served here is very popular, as well as the herring and octopus. Inaba cho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/11:00~18:00
Closed/Wednesday  TEL.0164-53-3540

㊴Hamasui Direct Sales Store

Soft-boiled octopus, steamed shrimp, Ebi-no-okizuke, and more
Bekkari 417-1, Mashike
Open hours/9:00〜16:00
Occasionally closed