⑳Hiyori Mountain Fire Beacon Platform Site at Cape Ogon(Omachi 2 chome 3-1, Rumoi)

The mouth of the Rumoi river was once a port for cargo ships and this hillock was where the signal fire was set to warn ships off the rocks of Cape Ogon. A monument stands at the site which is next to the Umi no Furusatokan (Community Hall by the Sea).
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㉒Statue and Monument of Okutaro Igarashi(bbbbbb)

Okutaro Igarashi was the sole heir of Tsunaji Igarashi, the wealthiest individual of the Rumoi region. Okutaro carried on with his father’s wishes, and he poured his energy into the construction of the Rumoi seaport and railway. He is known as the “Father of Development” in Rumoi.
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㉓Historic Buildings in Mashike(Former Mashike Station)

There are many historical buildings in the area near where the former Mashike station. The Tomita Inn is one such building and this area has also been a movie location. This building has also been designated as a heritage site of Hokkaido.
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㉔Former Maruichi-Honma Residence(Bentencho 1 chome 27, Mashike)

Sado born Taizo Honma, who was known as the top merchant in Teshio, spent 20 years building this luxurious traditional townhouse. This building is now open to the general public and is a nationally-designated important cultural property.
For more information, please call 0164-53-1511.
Opening Months / End of April – Beginning of November
Opening Hours / 10:00~17:00
Closed / Every Thursday except National Holidays (Closed on Wedensday if the national holiday is on Thursday. Open everyday in July and August.)
Addmission Fee / Adult \400, High school student \300, Junior high school and elementary school students \200

㉕Kunimare Sake Brewery(Inabacho 3 chome 38, Mashike)

The Honma family, which had dealings in herring fishing, clothing and other business, opened this, the northernmost sake brewery in Japan. The brewery and part of the cellar are the original buildings.
For more information, please call 0164-53-1050.
Opening Hours / 10:00~17:00 (admission free)
Closed / 12/31‐1/1

㉖Mashike Itsukushima Shrine(Inabacho 3 chome 38, Mashike)

It is said that Denbei Murayama, the contractor for this area, had this shrine built to protect the trading grounds. The artistic value of carvings, ceiling pictures and votive pictures in the main hall of worship are highly regarded.
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Admission Fee / Adult \300

㉗Former Mashike Elementary School(Miharashicho 120, Mashike)

Established in 1936, this is the oldest wooden schoolhouse in Hokkaido. The wooden trusses in the gym are worth noting. The head fishermen of Mashike had pooled their resources to have it built.

㉙The Second Battery Site of Akita Clan Regional Government Office(Bekkari 1-1, Mashike)

The Akita clan, which had been charged by the shogunate to protect this region, placed this cannon on a hill at the mouth of the Shokanbetsu river. A replica of a Japanese cannon stands there now. The first cannon was on a hillock behind the former Mashike station.
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