Base your exploration of Teuri and Yagishiri at inexpensive
Guesthouse Lodging

This guesthouse doesn’t provide towels, pajamas, toothbrushes and other ameneties, but it does offer simple, inexpensive lodging. Most rooms are shared and meals aren’t provided. This facility is well known and utilized by foreign backpackers who travel on a shoestring with 1 backpack. Guesthouses were established on both Teuri and Yagishiri in 2017 and serve to facilitate observation of the birds and animals here.

㉗Guesthouse Teure(Teuri Benten 96, Haboro)

A private home was renovated into this guesthouse. Co-ed rooms are available, as well as a private Japanese-style room for women only. The cafeteria is open for lunch only and dinner is available by reservation only. A shared open kitchen is also available for cooking your own meals. For 1500 yen you can enjoy a 90 minute guided tour along the Teuri footpath.
Inquiries: 090-1097-0500

㉘Yagishiri Guesthouse Yasundeke(Yagishiri Higashihama 160, Haboro)

Co-ed rooms are available as well as shared and private rooms for women only. Meals are shared and cooked with the owner and other guests. Dinners only are out-of-pocket. BBQ sets are available by rental. Bird watching and nature observation tours, which end with a BBQ, are held (mostly) on Saturdays.
Inquiries: 050-5319-8358