㉘Kamuiwa Park(Bangobe, Rumoi Village, Rumoi)

This is a famous place to view about 1000 cherry trees. The park is known for its many cultivated varieties of cherry trees, such as Ezo-Yamazakura and Someiyoshino. The cherry blossoms are illuminated at night during the peak season, which is in the middle of May.

㉙Rurumoppe Forest Park(680-1 Reuke, Rumoi)

This forest park was created by making full use of the natural terrain. You can enjoy a great walk in the forest by walking the 2.8 kilometers long. From the Senbo-dai observatory, you can get a full view of Rumoi and its surroundings.

㉚Blossoms of the Mashike Orchards(Shokanzawa, Mashike)

Blossoms of apples, cherries, pears, plums, peaches, and prunes in the orchards of Shokanzawa area are in full bloom at the beginning of May.

㉛Keiryu (Mountain Streem) Forest(Shokanzawa, Mashike)

If you visit the forest area (10ha) at the entrance to the trail up Shokanbetsudake in May or early June, you will find a variety of blooming trees and plants. Cherry trees, azalea and hydrangea head a list of 33 varieties of plants, which make up a forest of thousands and thousands of blooms.

㉜Mt. Shokanbetsu / Uryunuma Wetland(Mashike/Uryu)

This mountain is well-known for its wild flowers. At 1429 meters, Shokanbetsu-dake is the highest mountain of Mashike Mountains. More than a hundred species of alpine plants and native plants, such as Mashikegenge and Mashikeotogiri, are in full bloom all over the mountain peak in the middle of June until the end of August. From the top of the mountain on a clear day, you can see Mount Taisetsu, Mount Yotei, Mount Rishiri, and the Shakotan Penensula. If you are lucky, you may be able to look down on a sea of clouds.
The Uryu wetlands is an upland 2×1 kilometer plain which was registered at the Ramsar Convention on conservation. Approximately 150 kinds of plants grow there, the peak season being from mid-June to early-September when flowers such as northern daylily, wild iris and the Tachigiboushi (of the Hosta family) bloom in profusion.