㉓Prefectural road Route 708 (Cherry Blossom Road) (Ariake, Shosanbetsu)

Prefectural road Route 708, which starts at the intersection of National Route 232 and the ends at the Ariake Dam, is called “Cherry Blossom Road.” More than a thousand cherry trees grow along Route 708. “Shosanbetsu Cherry Blossom Festival” is held at Higashiyama Arboretum.


㉔Onko-no-Shou (A stand of low growing yews) (Yagishiri Island, Haboro)

This place is known for unique yews growing thick and low due to strong winds and heavy snowfalls. It is designated as a national monument.
In May the ground is covered in a carpet of blooming Ezo Engosaku (Corydalis ambigua) and Ezo Ichige (a type of buttercup).

㉕Iris Garden at Asahi Park(Asahi, Haboro)

It is fabulous to see white and purple iris blooming in a soothing blanket of color. July is the best season for the iris garden every year. The water lilies on the pond also bloom at this time.

㉖Haboro Rose Garden(Kita 5 jo 1 chome, Haboro)

2000 roses from approximately 300 species are in full bloom in the garden from the end of June till the end of October. The best seasons to enjoy roses in full bloom are from the middle to the end of July, and from the end of September to the end of October.

㉗Kotanbetsu Midorigaoka Park(Kotanbetsu, Tomamae)

This is the best place to see a variety of blooming flowers in Tomamae. About 1000 Ezo-Yamazakura and Someiyoshino cherry trees are in full bloom in the middle of May.