The New Horizon of “Nishi-Ezo”

Rediscovery of Nishi-Ezo as a Prime Destination for Tourism

During the Edo period, a broader area, which included Shiribeshi, Ishikari, Kamuiwa, Rumoi, Soya, and Ohotsuku, was called the Nishi-Ezo region. The Rumoi area was the trading center of Nishi-Ezo, with a focus on sales of seafood such as salmon, seaweed and abalone. In subsequent years the economic base shifted to herring fishing and coal mining, and these industries continued to support the region until around 50 years ago. Now, the people of Nishi-Ezo are looking in a new direction.

The Council of Nishi-Ezo Revitalization has been set up among the 8 municipalities of the Rumoi region. This council has begun a wide-ranged project, which aims to promote tourism within Hokkaido. This route guide is a part of this project.

From fishing to mining, and now with a new focus on tourism, the variety of natural resources available here continue to support the prosperity of Nishi-Ezo.