List of Campgrounds and Swimming Beaches(32‐55)

List of Campgrounds and Swimming Beaches

Campgrounds become the base for more than just fishing; many of the camping areas in the Rumoi area are located adjacent to additional facilities such as park-golf courses and/or hot springs, so you can relax after a day of playing hard. And don’t forget, a campground is the best place to take in the beautiful sunsets of Nishi-Ezo.

㉜Teshio Kagaminuma Kaihin Park Campground

A good place to view Mt. Rishiri, located near Teshio hotspring Yuubae.

Sarakisi 7476, Teshio

㉝Embetsugawa River Park

Located at the mouth of the Embetsu River, across the road from the nearby beach.

Fujimi, Embetsu

㉞Fujimigaoka Park Campground

Located near highway rest stop Fujimi and a park golf course.

Fujimi, Embetsu

㉟Shosambetsu Misaki-dai Park Auto Camping Site

The campsite here is spacious and the hot spring is within walking distance.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu
TEL.0164-67-2077(Management Building)/
0164-67-2031(Information after hours)

㊱Shosambetsu Misaki-dai Park Campground

The roadside rest area, hot spring and astronomical observatory are all close by.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu (Shosambetsu Tourism Bureau)

㊲Shosambetsu Village Toyosaki Swimming Beach

There is a park within the hillside area overlooking the beach.

Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu (Shosambetsu Tourism Association)

㊳Asahi Park

In July this beautifully verdant park becomes the setting for an exquisite stand of iris.

Asahi, Haboro
TEL.0164-68-7007 (Haboro Town Commerce and Tourism Department)

㊴Haboro Sunset Beach

This swimming beach is located near Haboro Sunset Plaza.

Minatomachi 5 chome, Haboro

㊵Yagishiri Island Shirahama Camping area

Teuri island out at sea is spectacular when seen from this all-lawn tent site.

Yagishirishirahama, Haboro

㊶Teuri Island Ronbaba Beach

This cozy beach is equipped with a bathroom.

Teuri, Haboro
TEL.0164-68-7007 (Haboro Town Commerce and Tourism Department)

㊷Teuri Island Campground

This camp site is located within the Teuri Island Visitor Center “Umi-no-Uchukan”

Teuri, Haboro

㊸Tomamae Yuhigaoka Mirai Park

This grassy park and swimming beach is located near Tomamae Harbor.

Sakaehama, Tomamae

㊹Tomamae Yuhigaoka Auto Camping Site

This campground is located near the swimming beach and Tomamae Hot Spring Fuwatto.

Sakaehama 67-1, Tomamae

㊺Shumariai Lake Campground

This campsite is located on the lakeshore and is a convenient spot to launch a canoe or go fishing.

Lake Shumarinai, Horokanai

㊻Boyodai Campground

This hilltop campground is the perfect place from which to watch the sunset.

Hanaoka, Obira

㊼Onishika Twin Beach

You can choose from two swimming beaches here.

Onishiamotohama, Obira
TEL.0164-57-1951 (Onishika Tourism Association)

㊽Usuya Swimming Beach

This wide shallow beach is located conveniently near Obira city limits.

Usuya, Obira
TEL.0164-56-2710 (Usuya Tourism Association)

㊾Cape Ogon Campground

The sun sinking into the horizon beyond this rocky cape is most definitely a sight worth seeing!

Omachi 2 chome, Rumoi

㊿Golden Beach Rumoi

This campsite and swimming beach is a great place to enjoy the sunset.

Okimicho, Rumoi

(51) Kamuiwa Park Campground

A zip-line “Tarzan rope” and other large park equipment make this a fun campground for all ages.

Kamuiwa, Rumoi

(52) Shokan Kaihin Campground

Located at the mouth of the Shokambetsu river, conveniently near downtown Mashike.

Shokankaigancho 72-1, Mashike

(53) Mashike Riverside Park Auto Camping Site

Tennis courts and a park golf court round out a campground that is fun for all ages.

Bekkari 459, Mashike

(54) Mashike Shokansawa Camping Site

This forest-encompassed campground is located at the entrance to the Shokanbetsu Mountain area.

Shokansawa 830, Mashike

(55) Ofuyu Campground

This sandy campsite is located right off National Route 231. There is room for about 10 tents.

Ofuyu, Mashike

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