③ Route for Outdoor Adventures(Route21‐31)

Immerse yourself in Nature; Enjoy the Ocean and Mountains of Nishi-Ezo

The Rishiri Reibun Sarobetsu National Park and the Shokanbetsu Teuri Yagishiri Quasi-national Park are part of the wide stretches of untouched natural environment that exist in the Rumoi area. Each city and town conducts various programs where you can get out and enjoy nature first-hand.
For detailed information, please visit the Hokkaido Rumoi Sub-prefecture Adventure Tourist Navigator http:rumoifan.net/taiken/

㉑Marine Leisure Adventure(Mashike)

After enjoying a day of adventures at the ocean, spend the night in a building chosen as a Hokkaido heritage site. During the ocean cruise you can take in the Maboroshi no Taki , or Phantom Waterfall (pg. 15).

Open season / End of May – Beginning of October (Yr 2016)
Information / Bochibochi-Ikoka-Mashikekan (Bentencho 1 chome 21-1, Mashike)

㉒Hunting Adventure in Rumoi (Rumoi)

Take part in a hunting adventure and stalk the mountains for Ezo-deer with a hunter/guide. Learn how to clean a deer, and then enjoy the freshest meat you will ever eat.

Open season / Latter half of October – End of February
Place / Mountains near Rumoi
Information / Fuiru-do-Rumoi Jikkoiinnkai (Executive Committee)

㉓Funaba Gakkou (Adventure School) (Funabacho 2 chome 114, Rumoi)

At Funaba “school”, elementary school aged children learn from agricultural, fishing and outdoor experiences which are taught throughout the year. The park and facility at Funaba has become a center for learning about and enjoying life surrounded by the nature of Rumoi.

Open season / July – May 15 sessions (Yr.2016)
Place / Rumoi area, Funaba Park
Number of accepting applications / 15 per session
Fee / \500 per session
Information / FM Moeru TEL.0164-43-1501


㉔Rumoi Hamayaki (Seashore BBQ) (Rumoi)

Hamayaki is a style of seafood barbeque which is unique to Rumoi. A local guide will accompany you to buy ingredients at local fish and farm stands in Obira and Rumoi. After experiencing shopping “Rumoi-style”, you can enjoy your fresh seafood at Reuke Pasture while you take in the beautiful seaside scenery.

Open season / May – September
Place / Rumoi, Reuke Ranch
Information / Kosasaru TEL.0164-42-3871

㉕Canoe Adventure at the Rumoi Dam(Chibaberi 3692, Rumoimura, Rumoi)

Lake Chibaberi located near the city center has been popular to enjoy canoeing.

Open season / July 11 – November 6 (Yr.2016)
Information / Rumoi Dam Management Branch Office

㉖Canoe and Boat Adventure(Obira)

Enjoy canoeing ant yachting at “Obira B&G Marine Center”, a marine sport facility that can be also used for school education and other group activities.

Open season / End of June – End of August
Information / Obira Education Board at Obira B&G Marine Center

There is a fee for the classes and adventure tours with this mark.