② Ororon Line R232 Route(Route12‐20)

Fish on the Endless Sand Beaches of Nishi-Ezo

Most of the beaches north of Mashike are sandy. The main fishing target here is right-eyed flounder. Around sub-surface rocky areas you can catch rock-fish. Depending on the season, you can also try for left-eyed flounder, cherry salmon, or salmon.

⑫Usuya Fishing Harbor(Usuya, Obira)

This fishing port is kept busy with activity surrounding the cultivated scallop industry. The ocean floor is flat outside the breakwater so, other than the deeper portion in the middle, it’s difficult to catch fish in this area. You may be able to catch left-eyed flounder with a long casting pole. The ocean floor is sandy within the harbor, which makes it a good place to catch right-eyed flounder. There are a number of fish shops within the port where scallops and boiled octopus are cheap and delicious.

⑬Hanaoka Seashore(Hanaoka, Obira)

A sandy beach opens out southward from the mouth of the Onitomari river but the ocean-floor is solid. Be careful to not lose your lures here. Use a banana weight and a single hook. You can also catch aburako fish, atke mackerel and sculpin.

⑭Otodo Seashore(Otodo, Obira)

This area is also mostly sandy, but you can try for fish around the rocks. Right-eyed flounder can be caught easily and you can also get aburako fish. In the summer you can catch lindberg skate、and salmon in the fall.

⑮Tomioka Seashore(Tomioka, Obira)

These are sandy shores, but there are rocks scattered under the surface. Brown sole are often caught in early summer, as well as cherry salmon. Fox jacopever come later in the summer. Large hachigara fish also swim there so be ready!

⑯Hideura Seashore(Onishikahideura, Obira)

This is another reef area. You can catch sculpin if you’re bottom fishing. Great sculpin are occasionally caught in the fall.

⑰Rikibiru Fishing Harbor(Rikibiru, Tomamae)

This area has a sandy shore with a rocky reef. Right-eyed flounder can be caught within the port. You can try for sculpin and hachigara fish outside the port. Sculpin are often caught in winter, and if you fish in deeper water you might be able to catch a great sculpin. Don’t forget, there are also saffron cod swimming here, but please take time to enjoy the great seaside scenery!

⑱Ariake Seashore(Ariake, Shosambetsu)

At first glance this beach looks mediocre, but in late fall cherry salmon will often go for a good lure. You can catch right-eyed flounder and large cresthead flounder with a casting rod.Nice sized aburako fish can be caught here too.

⑲Hatsuura Fishing Harbor and its Surrounding(Shosambetsu, Shosambetsu)

Shosanbetsu is well known for the large cresthead flounder and fox jacopever which can be caught offshore from a fishing boat, but aburako fish and right-eyed flounder can be caught with a casting rod from the shore.

⑳Hamazato Seashore(Hamazato, Horonobe)

From the long, sandy beaches you can see Rishiri island standing on the horizon. You can cast long for right-eyed flounder and sculpin. This is a great place to fish and enjoy the sunset at the same time.