① Ororon Line R231 Route(Route1‐11)

⑧Akaiwa Misaki Area(Iwaoi, Mashike)

The reef is mixed with somewhat rocky areas and seaweed beds but you can try for aburako fish and cresthead flounder during the day. Nice sized foc jacopever and hachigara fish can be caught after the sun goes down. Be sure to watch your step and it’s a good idea to bring a fishing chair. Use extreme caution when the waves are high. The fish here like worms and soft lures.

⑨Iwaoi Tunnel and its surrounding(Iwaoi, Mashike)

This area has a unique sulphuric scent and the seabed is particularly rocky. But big aburako fish, fox jacopever, white-edged rockfish, and hachigara fish love it here! You can even catch squid at the harbor in early summer.

⑩Bekkari Fishing Harbor(Bekkari, Mashike)

A new tunnel was opened in 1993 taking 30 minutes off travel time on this coastal route. Within the fishing port you can catch fox jacopever and hachigara fish with worms. You can cast long for right-eyed flounder. This port is small but has a nice variety of fish that bite well!


⑪Hashibetsu River Estuary(Hashibetsu, Mashike)

This shore is extremely rocky but it is a hotspot for salmon fishing in the fall. You can cast long for salmon, but you can also catch hachigara fish closer to shore.