① Ororon Line R231 Route(Route1‐11)

Reef fishing from the rocky cliffs

The reef that stretches along the coastline from northern Ishikari to the offshore area near Rumoi city is a fishing hotspot because of a unique geographical situation. The reef is deep below the surface, and because the ocean floor is sandy further out to sea, fox jacopever, aburako fish, right-eyed flounder, and other kids of fish swarm to the reef.

①Kotan Fishing Harbor(Kotan, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari)

This fishing port is the closest one to Sapporo on the north side, and can be reached within 1 hour from the city limits. Nice sized fox jacopever school around the Shirotoudai(white lighthouse)and will even bite on a worm. Large left-eyed flounder can also be caught, so this spot is exciting for it’s unpredictable variety!

②Aoshima Seashore(Kotani, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari)

The seabed here is made up of sandy pebbles and boulders. You can catch aburako fish、sculpin or atka mackerel in the deeper waters. Hachigara fish and bellied fish can be caught in shallower waters. This is a popular fishing spot in early summer.

③Gokibiru Fishing Harbor(Gokibiru, Atsuta-ku, Ishikari)

This stretch of road runs along steep cliffs and was often closed but a newly opened tunnel has improved transportation greatly. The fishing season starts in early spring with right-eyed flounder, aburako fish, fox jacopever, and hachigara fish。If you’re lucky you may even tie into a cresthead flounder!

④Okurige Seashore(Okurige, Hamamasu-ku, Isikari)

Boulders dot the reef which then turns to sandy seabed further out to sea. Cast long for right-eyed flounder and aburako fish. Fox jacopever become active after the sun goes down. Hachigara fish tend to hand around the boulders.

⑤Poro Fishing Harbor(Poro, Hamamasu-ku, Ishikari)

This fishing port is located along a shore with large boulders. The boulders are scattered in the shallow areas around the port with sandy ocean shores further out to sea. Hachigara fish inhabit the waters around the boulders so if you can brave getting snagged, then you might catch a really nice fish!

⑥Futatsu-iwa Tunnel(Chiyoshibetsu, Hamamasu-ku, Ishikari)

This spot near a hard-core rocky reef is located near the first tunnel after Horo. Your lures may get snagged on the reef, but the variety of fish you can catch here more than make up for that. Be ready to catch aburako fish, sculpin, hachigara fish, and try for a cherry salmon in the spring.

⑦Ofuyu Fishing Harbor(Ofuyu, Mashike)

This harbor is located near a very uneven reef. You can catch right-eyed flounder where the seabed is sandy. There are points where the bottom is rocky and you should beware of getting your lure caught. Nice sized aburako fish and fox jacopever can be caught here. The Shirogane waterfall is located across from the harbor and a campsite is also located nearby.