We Got Fish, We Got Nature…You’d Better Come!(Top Page)

There are many venues set between the mountains and coastlines of Nishi-Ezo where one can enjoy the great outdoors. Fishing is especially popular thanks to healthy populations of a wide variety of seafood. The outdoor beauty, camp-sites, beaches for swimming and information on fishing in Nishi-Ezo is introduced on this page.

A Region Scattered with Great Fishing Holes.

Rumoi sub-prefecture has the distinctive feature of being situated between the coast and mountains inland, which makes for easy access to either field. The swimming beaches of each region are always popular spots in the summer. Many beaches are also equipped with campgrounds so one can spend the entire day outdoors. Sea kayaking, canoeing and trekking are some other activities which are available.

Let’s take a look at the fishing hotspots of the coast along the Ororon line.

Sandy beaches stretch from the mouth of the Ishikari river. You can find many great fishing spots between Atsuta and Ofuyu. The cliffs along this area often plunge about 90 meters straight down and large fish swim in the water below, making this a very popular fishing hole. Fox jacopever, threestrip rockfish, hachigara, black rockfish, gaya, aburako, and Japanese sculpinare the common targets here.

Past Mashike the coastline scenery suddenly changes to sandy beaches. Along the beaches which dot the coast here, you can catch the aforesaid fish, as well as different kinds of flounder, cod and rays. You can also catch salmon and different kinds of trout, and although rare, a fish called the Sakhalin taimen. In recent years buri, or yellowtail, have also been caught. This area will certainly continue to be a fishing hotspot!