② Route to Visit Ports and Harbors(Route10‐28)

Inside the Enbetsu Harbor

㉖Embetsu Harbor(Honcho Kitahama, Embetsu)

The Embetsu fishing harbor is located at the mouth of the Embetsu River and is the center of a flourishing scallop farming industry. The “Flounder Net Owner in Teshio” event has attracted attention nationwide. Many anglers visit this harbor to try for a saffron cod and right-eyed flounder.

Inside the Teshio Harbor

㉗Teshio Harbor(Sarakishi, Teshio)

This local harbor is located on the south side of the Teshio River mouth. It used to be located within the river mouth but changing currents caused a sandbar to develop. Construction to improve the harbor began and it was consequently moved to its current location. The new harbor is the center of the local fishing industry. In addition, a facility to ship the sand that was collected from this area was built, thus creating another facet to this center of the regional economy. Kagaminuma (mirror pond) lies on the east side of the port as well as a campground, the nearby barbecue house, and the Teshio hot spring Yubae. This space is well utilized by both locals and visitors and it serves as the venue for various local events.

The North Breakwater Dorm in the west of Wakkanai Port

㉘Wakkanai Port(Kaiun, Wakkanai)

This is the northernmost harbor of Japan and is the hub of transportation from which ferries depart to Rishiri and Rebun islands. The northern breakwater dome was once used as a passage from the Wakkanai sambashi station. After use as a breakwater was discontinued, many people in Wakkanai and Hokkaido wanted to preserve the dome, and in 2001 it was chosen as a Registered Historical Property of Hokkaido, and again as JSCE Civil Engineering Heritage in 2003.