② Route to Visit Ports and Harbors(Route10‐28)

㉑Yagishiri Harbor(Yagishiri, Haboro)

The harbor is the center of life and economy on Yagishiri. If you visit here, be sure to sample the island-raised Yagishiri specialty Suffolk mutton.

㉒Nishiura Harbor(Nishiura, Yagishiri, Haboro)

This fishing port is located on the north side of Yagishiri island. Gently rolling hills surround the port making this a particularly relaxing place to visit.

Inside Teuri Harbor

㉓Teuri Harbor(Teuri, Haboro)

The harbor supports the life and economy of Teuri islanders. Enjoy seabird watching, the superb view and luxurious seafood.

㉔Maehama Harbor(Maehama, Teuri, Haboro)

This harbor is located on the east end of Teuri island. Time seems to pass more slowly here, giving us a chance to feel refreshed in both mind and body.

Inside the Toyomisaki Harbor

㉕Toyomisaki Harbor(Toyomisaki, Shosambetsu)

The Toyomisaki harbor is located below Shosambetsu Hot Spring. The nearby sandy beaches give a relaxed ambience to this little niche in the coastline.