② Route to Visit Ports and Harbors(Route10‐28)

Visit the Foundations of Development; The Ports and Harbors of Nishi-Ezo

The many seaports of Nishi-Ezo call to mind the herring boom years of yore. A trip to visit the beaches, marinas and multi-faceted ports that were such an important part of local history would be fascinating to say the least.

The morning market with fresh seafood.

⑩Atsuta Harbor(Atsuta, Atsutaku, Ishikari)

A morning market doing a brisk business in freshly caught fish is open for business almost every day here. The market season is from the beginning of April to the middle of October.

⑪Hamamasu Harbor(Hamamasuku, Ishikari)

This is the largest fishing port on the stretch between Hamamasu and Ofuyu. The morning market sells top-quality fresh fish every Sunday from mid-April to the end of May.

⑫Iwao Harbor(Iwao, Mashike)

The small island (Moshiri Island) is a unique feature of this port. Iwao hot-spring is located behind the harbor and the view from the outdoor bath there is spectacular.

Inside the Mashike Harbor

⑬Mashike Harbor(Mashike)

The Nord Marina, which is located within the Mashike harbor, is filled with a variety of yachts and cruisers. Soft breezes in early summer bless this protective seaport. The port is also vital for local scallop fisheries and scallop spat (juvenile scallops) are shipped from here to the Sea of Okhotsk.

⑭Afun Harbor(Afun, Mashike)

There are a large number of ports along the Ororon coastline, which makes it easy to plan a trip to visit more than one.

⑮Reuke Harbor(Reuke, Rumoi)

Similar to Afun Harbor, this harbor is easily accessible from the Ororon Line and has a market for fresh fish.