Visit the Dams, Ports and Harbors of Nishi-Ezo(Top Page)

Dams emit a sort of grandeur as they loom unsuspected in natural surroundings. Each dam has it’s own place and purpose in the history of this region. Take a moment to admire the incredible power of man’s manipulation of concrete.

Functional Beauty Coexisting with Nature

There are 13 dams with crown heights of over 15 meters, and 21 harbors in Rumoi sub-prefecture.

Each powerfully huge dam is unique in purpose and location, and so the dams have become the subject of much public interest. The free PR cards which the bureau of dam management has recently began to issue have become popular and increasing numbers of people tour from dam to dam to collect them. These large concrete structures stand silently amidst the mountains, protecting the livelihood of the people in Nishi-Ezo.

Because of it’s coastal location, Rumoi sub-prefecture has always been a region with many harbors. Some harbors were built during the herring boom years and eventually grew to accommodate lumber, coal and other goods. However, fishing harbors are still the mainstay here. The harbors are central in a region where people depend on the sea for their livelihood. Harbors, planned and built with in accordance with existing topography, are a testimony to humankind’s ability to exist in nature and bear witness to the spirit of challenge.

When you visit the harbors of Nishi-Ezo be mindful that these are places of business and be sure to obey all warnings and signs.