⑤ Route to Enjoy Sake and Various Artisanal Beverages(113‐119)

Get a little tipsy with sake, then refresh yourself with fruit juices.

The northernmost sake brewery in Japan is the center of any conversation about regional good drinks. Sparkling apple and pear wine and, a recent addition, spirits made of wheat should not be passed over either. Fresh non-alcoholic ciders, fruit and tomato juices are also popular local products.

㊹Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Teshio

Asahi Muscat Cider has been a popular item since 1970!

Shinkaidori 4-7227, Teshio

㊾Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Romantic Road Shosambetsu, and others

Shosambetsu Agricultural and Fishery Experimental Processing Research Center
Lonicera caerulea, or Hasukappu beverages
Lonicera caerulea, or Hasukappu are indigenous berries. A delicious new product is being developed by rubbing and squeezing the berries by hand to make juice.

Toyomisaki 153-1, Shosambetsu

(113) Kunimare Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.

Sake (Rice wine)
A variety of rice wine types are brewed at Kunimare; the northernmost sake brewery in Japan.

Inabacho 1chome 17, Mashike

(116) Otokoyama Co.,Ltd. Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum

“Otokoyama” is the representative brand produced by Otokoyama.

Nagayama 2 jo 7, Asahikawa

(117) Takasago Sake Brewery Co.,Ltd.  Meiji Sake Cellar Store

“Kokushimuso” is the representative brand produced by Takasago Sake Brewery.

Miyashitadori 17, Asahikawa

(118) Kinteki Shuzo Co.,Ltd. Store

“Kinteki” is the representative brand produced by Kinteki Shuzo.

Chuo 71-7, Shintotsukawa

(119) Nipponseishu Co.,Ltd. Chitosezuru Sake Museum

“Chitosezuru” is the representative brand produced by Nipponseishu.

Minami 3 jo Higashi 5, Chuo-ku, Sapporo

㊼Michi-no-Eki (Roadside Rest Area) Fujimi, and others

Rice from the northernmost rice farm in Embetsu is used to distill this rice wine.

Fujimi 46-1, Embetsu

㉚Mashike Marche

This is 100% juice squeezed from the apples of Mashike. The mixed apple and carrot juice and pear juice are also popular!

Mashike Marche, and other fruit stands in the Mashike orchards.
TEL.0164-53-2027 (Minami Rumoi JA Mashike Branch Office)

㊶A-COOP Rumoi Lupinus

Only Obira-grown hard wheat “Rururosso” is used to distill these spirits.

A-COOP Rumoi Lupinus

(114) Mashike Fruit Winery

Mashike Cider is a sparkling wine cider. The “Powa-ru” wine made from pears is also delicious.

Shokanzawa 184-2, Mashike

(115) Maruzen Sato Orchard

Delicious grape juice squeezed from “Buffalo” grapes.

Shokanzawa 256, Mashike