Index of Shops to Enjoy Sushi and Seafood Dishes(58‐89)

Index of Shops to Enjoy Sushi and Seafood Dishes

Ebi don (shrimp on rice), Uni don (sea urchin on rice), sushi and other meals which use fresh local seafood should top the list for any restaurant visit. There are many restaurants in Rumoi which serve these extremely popular dishes.

(58)Shichifuku Sushi

The only sushi restaurant in Teshio

Yamatedori 6 chome, Teshio
Open hours/18:00~22:00
Occasionally closed

(59) Sushi-no-Hamachan

Besides sushi, ramen with deep-fried halibut is served in summer.

Honcho 6 chome, Embetsu
Open hours/17:00〜24:00
Occasionally closed

(60) Kaisenshokusai Nito Monogatari

Besides kaisendon (seafood on rice), ebitakogyoza (dumpling with minced shrimp and octopus stuffing) is available.

Kita 3 jo 1 chome 29, Haboro
Open hours/11:30〜14:30、17:30〜20:30
Open daily

(61) Ororon Shokudo

Amaebidon (deep-water shrimp on rice) , Amaebi set meal, and more.

Kita 4 jo 1 chome, Haboro
Open hours/9:00~16:00(May-September)、9:30~14:00(October-November)
Occasionally closed(Open daily in August)

(62) Take-Sushi

Sushi and more

Minami 3 jo 1 chome, Haboro
Open hours/18:00〜

(63) Haboro Sushi-dokoro Nakagawa

Sushi and more. Reservation is required for “Amaebimatsuri”, pressed sushi topping with deep-water shrimp.

Minamiodori 1 chome 27, Haboro
Open hours/17:00~22:00
Closed / Sunday

(64) Eifuku Sushi

Enjoy nigiri-sushi (hand-formed sushi) with a variety of local seafood.

Minami 3 jo 1 chome, Haboro
Open hours/16:00〜21:30
Occasionally closed

(65) Meshidokoro Fishermen’s Store Kaiyumaru

Enjoy unidon (sea urchin on rice) and kaisendon (seafood on rice).

Teuribenten 168, Haboro
Open hours /11:00〜15:00 (May-September)
Occasionally closed(weekdays are closed in September)

(66) Sumibi-Kaisen-Banya

Kaisendon (seafood on rice) and grilled seafood are available.

Teuribenten, Haboro
Open hours /9:00〜17:00 (April-September
Occasionally closed

(67) Niinuma Shokudo

Takodon (octopus on rice) and octopus sashimi set meal are served. Open during “Golden Week” national holidays, and from June till August.

Yagishirihigashihama, Haboro

(68) Shimakko Shokudo

Unidon (sea urchin on rice) and kaisendon (seafood on rice) Open from June till the end of September.

Yagishirihigashihama, Haboro
Opening hours/9:00〜the last ship of the day
Open daily

(69) Koko Kapiu

Unidon (sea urchin on rice), kaisendon (seafood on rice), grilled fish, ikuradon (salmon row on rice)

Sakaehama 553, Tomamae
Open hours/10:30~17:30
Closed /October-May

(70) Tomamae Hot Spring Fuwatto Restaurant Fumu

Amaebidon (deep-water shrimp on rice), nigirizushi (hand-formed sushi), kaisendon (seafood on rice) and more

Tomamae 119-1, Tomamae
Open hours/11:30〜15:00、17:00〜21:00
Open daily

(71) Drive-In Sawa

Unidon (sea urchin on rice) and ikuradon (salmon roe on rice), depending on the season.

Rikibiru 56, Tomamae
Open hours/10:00~22:00
Occasionally closed

(72) Jogura

Unidon (sea urchin on rice), nishindon (herring on rice), ramen and more

Onishikamotohama, Obira
Open hours/7:00~20:00(July-August)、
11:00~16:00(May, September)
Occasionally closed

(73) Isakaya Kura

Kaiseindon (seafood on rice), kaisenramen (seafood on ramen) and more

Onishikaminatomachi 3 ku, Obira
Open hours/18:00〜23:00

(74) Shokujidokoro Sumire

Unidon (sea urchin on rice), kaiseidon (seafood on rice), ramen and more

Onishikaminatomachi 3 ku, Obira
Open hours/11:00〜14:30、17:00〜19:00

(75) Restaurant Koyou

Kaisendon (seafood on rice) is famous. Sashimi set meal is also popular.

Obira 479-16, obira
Open hours/11:00~14:00、17:00~20:20
Closed/Every 3rd Tuesday

(76) Take Sushi

Shimesaba nigiri (hand-formed sushi topping with pickled mackerel) is popular.

Myogencho 6 chome, Rumoi
Open hours/17:30〜23:00

(77) Kinsen

Sushi, kaiseidon (seafood on rice), and Hako-zushi (boxed sushi) and more

Kaiuncho 3 chome, Rumoi
Open hours/11:00~22:00
Occasionally closed

(78) Sushi/Izakaya Janome

Sushi, kaisenchirashi (seafood on rice plate) , and so on. A variety of side dishes for sake are also available.

Nishikicho 3-1-13, Rumoi
Open hours/11:00〜14:00、16:00〜21:00
Closed/Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday except May, June, and August

(79) Fishermen’s Store Tomimaru

Sushi, kaisendon (seafood on rice) and fishermen’s kakiagedon (deep-fried seafood and vegetable on rice) and more

Kaiuncho 3-3-10, Rumoi
Open hours/11:00〜21:00
Open daily

(80) Araiso Sushi

Sushi, kaisenchirashi (seafood on rice plate), and set meals

Kaiuncho 3 chome 3-2, Rumoi
Open hours/11:00〜14:00、16:00〜21:00
Closed/Monday(Closed on Tuesday when the National Holiday is on Monday)

(81) Sushi-no-Sanpuku

Sushi, kaisennamachirashi (seafood on rice plate), takomayo roll, and more

Asahicho 1-1-5, Rumoi
Open hours/17:00〜22:00(11:30〜14:00 in summer)
Occasionally closed

(82) Kaisen-kaitenzushi (conveyor belt sushi) Tampopo

Try freshly made sushi at kaitenzushi.
Minamimachi 3 chome, Rumoi

Open hours/11:00〜14:00、16:30〜21:00
Closed/ Every 3rd Wednesday

(83) Sushi/Izakaya Chu

Sushi, Kaisendon (seafood on rice), raw fish on flavored rice and more

Inabacho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜22:00
Occasionally closed

(84) Sugaso

Deep-water shrimp on rice is served on weekends in the summer. There are also processed marine products available

Inabacho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜18:00

(85) Sushi no Matsukura

Sushi, various kinds of seafood on rice and deep-fried shrimp on rice can be enjoyed here.

Bentencho 1 chome, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜20:00
Occasionally closed

(86) Sushi Chu

Very near the Mashike station, sushi and kaisendon are menu mainstays.

Bentencho 2 chome, mashike
Open hours/11:00~20:00

(87) Fukuyoshi

Sushi and kaisendon (seafood on rice) are available. There is also a lunch menu.

Eijucho 2 chome, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜21:30
Occasionally closed

(88) Marujyu Ito

Various kinds of seafood are arranged on rice to make uniquely colored dishes.

Hatanakacho 3-90, Mashike
Open hours/11:00〜15:00、18:00〜21:00
Occasionally closed

(89) Fishermen’s Store Seiho

Sushi and seafood on rice can be enjoyed while you gaze at the ocean.

Bekkari 11-3, Mashike
Open hours/10:00〜18:00
Occasionally closed

Shops and restaurants with this icon have a special menu for larger servings. For more information, call the number shown in this section.