② Route to Browse Farm Stands and Shops(Route34‐43)

Discover the Bounty of the Fields in Nishi-Ezo

The bounty of Nishi-Ezo also includes a wide variety of agricultural products such as rice, wheat, vegetables, fruit and dairy. Shops and farm stands where local dairy and agricultural products are sold are introduced on this page. Please be aware that many of these shops are open only seasonally, usually from early summer to fall.

Embetsu Agricultural High School is the only agricultural school in Rumoi sub-prefecture. Ennnoko Marche is a farm stand which the students run as a part of their class activities. It is open on the last Thursday of every month from May to December, for 40 minutes from 4 PM to 4:40 PM. The students sell the various processed goods and produce that they grow at school. The seasonal produce includes vegetables, glutinous rice and flowers. The students also bake and sell 3 different kinds of bread. The management of Ennoko Marche is carried out by the students alone and their products have become quite popular with the local people.

㉞Bekochichi FACTORY

Bekomochi FACTORY is open from May to October on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays and from November to April it is open only on Saturdays and Sundays. A variety of artisanal cheeses are sold here.

Tatsuneushi 3416-34, Teshio

㉟Uno Ranch Co.,Ltd.

You can sample a new kind of dessert Toroketteuno at this café which recently opened in the spring of 2017.

Sarakishi 2015-2, Teshio

㊱En-no-ko Marche

Perilla herb juice, mutton sausages made from student-raised sheep and other processed foods are sold at this popular stand.

Embetsu Agricultural High School

㊲Fresh Market “Kanamu”

This farm stand is open on Saturdays from the beginning of June to the beginning of October. Tomatoes, bitter melons, sweet corn other produce is sold here.

Fujimi 46-1, Embetsu

㊳Yamamoto Farm

This stand is open on Sundays and Mondays from the end of May to November. Beans, fresh flowers, eggplant, cucumbers and other produce is sold here.

Sakae 3, Shosambetsu

㊴Sawayaka Market

This stand is open on Saturdays from the beginning of June to the beginning of October. Hours are from 8 AM till the produce sells out!

JA Ororon-mukai, Minami 6 jo 2 chome, Haboro

㊵Mugenju Ltd.

This farm stand is open from 9 AM till the produce sells out on M-W-F-Sat. during the months from July to September. Melons, tomatoes, corn, rice and other produce is sold here.

In front of Eneos Stand, Tomamae, Tomamae

㊶A-COOP Rumoi Lupinus

Local farmers bring their fresh produce to Ruruna, the most popular corner of this farmers coop.

Takasagocho 3 chome 4-6, Rumoi

㊷Ordinary Farm Direct Sales Store

Ordinary Farm Farm Stand
Vegetables are sold here from July to September. Daifuku mochi, and fried chicken are sold year-round.
This stand is open W-Th –Sat. Hours are from 12 PM till the produce sells out.

Igarashicho 3 chome, Rumoi