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High-Grade Foods from the North

Four products from Rumoi sub-prefecture were selected by Hokkaido as representational “High Grade” processed foods with exceptional appeal.

④Tanaka Seika (Vegetables & Fruits)

The pickles at Tanaka Seika (greengrocery) are made on the premises with high quality vegetables from Hokkaido and Japan. Pickles made with cherry tomatoes or potatoes are uniquely delicious!

Sakaemachi 2 chome 3-21, Rumoi

⑩Umezawa Shoten
Sun-dried Native Deep-water Shrimp

Carefully selected deep-water shrimp from Haboro are sun dried by hand to make this delicious product.

Ariake 48, Shosambetsu

⑪Ebina Gyogyobu (Fisheries Department)
Deep-water shrimp steamed with sake

Deep-water shrimp are first steeped in rice wine and then steamed. Direct sales of this new product began in spring of 2017.

Sold by Sanchokukoubou Kitaru
Minatomachi 1 chome 36, Haboro TEL.0164-68-7700

㊸Futaba Noodles
Fresh pasta “RuRu Rosso”

This pasta is made with the super-hard wheat Rururosso, which is grown in Rumoi. This product garnered praise at the 2015 Milano Expo.

Sakaemachi 2 chome 3-6, Rumoi
Opening hours/ 9:00~17:00(Monday-Friday)